Why You Should Include a Subwoofer in Every Room

Subwoofers are the most overlooked element in multiroom audio applications, says Mike Jordan of SnapAV.


Herbert Hoover once campaigned for U.S. President using the slogan “a chicken in every pot.”  For Mike Jordan, vice president of audio/video at SnapAV, the mantra is “a subwoofer in every room.”

Indeed, according to the CE Pro Business Opportunities Study a few years ago, 56 percent of integrators report they have “left money on the table” on a particular project. That lost revenue opportunity can range from not selling a service agreement to not upselling the client on a certain product solution.

For many integration companies, the inability to even offer clients the opportunity to include a subwoofer as part of a multiroom audio installation is a common oversight.  

Mike Jordan, “We all know that integrating a subwoofer into any type of an audio solution just gives better performance for the end user,” says Mike Jordan, vice president of audio at SnapAV.

“You get to have your crossover setup so the architectural speakers get to do what they are designed to do, and you are not sacrificing the bass. Often, integrators run away from even attempting to install a subwoofer because they think either it won't pass the Wife Acceptance Factor or the homeowner just won’t want a box in the kitchen or living room. And a lot of times, that [hesitation] is fair.”

“Often, integrators run away from even attempting to install a subwoofer.”

— Mike Jordan, SnapAV

But instead of having the conversation with the client that introduces other options that will enable solid performance, oftentimes integrators just walk away from the sale, according to Jordan.

“One of the things we are trying to push is to have a subwoofer in every room. It is better for the end user and it enhances everyone’s enjoyment. We are offering dealers a lot of solutions to be able to integrate the subwoofer.  It is a better use-case for the end user, and it is a better sale for the integrator,” says Jordan.

In a conversation with CE Pro, Jordan also emphasizes the importance of the home network, and how to differentiate your professionally installed option versus a DIY solution.

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