SIMAUDIO Launches New Integrated Amp and Streaming DAC

The new SIMAUDIO 700i v2 integrated amp produces 175 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and the 780D v2 streaming DAC is compatible with MQA and DSD files.

SIMAUDIO Launches New Integrated Amp and Streaming DAC

SIMAUDIO states its newly announced 700i v2 integrated amp and its 780D v2 streaming DAC carry respective MSRPs of $14,000 and $15,000 each.

Designed to provide value and high levels of performance, the new SIMAUDIO 700i v2 integrated amplifier and 780D streaming DAC has just been introduced. 

SIMAUDIO says that its two latest products are engineered to exceed performance benchmarks beyond their respective price points within the consumer audio landscape.

The $14,000 700i v2 integrated amplifier leverages the company's four decades of engineering experience. SIMAUDIO says the 700i v2 integrated amplifier incorporates four unbalanced RCA inputs, along with balanced XLR inputs; an RCA monitor loop, and line-level outputs. 

According to the Canadian audio company, the 700i v2 integrated amplifier is rated to produce 175 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 350 watts into a 4-ohm load. 

The integrated amp's power section features the company's “Lynx” technology that is said to eliminate the global feedback loop to ensure transparency and true sound reproduction. 

Moreover, professional integrators can install the 700i v2 integrated amplifier into home theater systems through the ability of each the integrated amp's inputs to bypass the unit's volume control. 

Streaming DAC Compatible with Modern High-Res Audio Formats 

Taking a closer look at the 780D streaming DAC, SIMAUDIO says the unit is a full-featured solution. 

The streaming DAC offers a choice of digital inputs, and a digital-to-analog architecture that is designed to “embrace” the latest consumer audio technologies, including PCM up to 385kHz and DSD256. 

SIMAUDIO also states the Roon-ready 780D v2 streaming DAC also delivers state-of-the-art networked streaming services such as TIDAL Masters, Qobuz Sublime+ and Deezer Hi-Fi, which are integrated into the company's MiND2 (Moon intelligent Network Device) streaming module.

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In addition, SIMAUDIO notes that its MiND streaming technologies also allows any of the 780D v2 streaming DAC's inputs to wirelessly stream to other MiND devices that reside on a local network.

The streaming DAC also provides aptX Bluetooth and Ethernet network connectivity options. 

A Summary of the 700i v2 Integrated Amp's Features:

  • 175 watts into 8 ohms and 350 watts into 4 ohms
  • Four RCA inputs and one XLR set of inputs
  • One monitor loop and one line-level RCA output

A Summary of the 780D v2 Streaming DAC's Features:

  • MQA and DSD compatible
  • Roon ready
  • Integrated MiND provides TIDAL Masters, Deezer Hi-Fi and Qobuz Sublime+
  • USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF and optical inputs
  • Wireless and Ethernet network connectivity
  • Built in aptX Bluetooth 
  • Works with PCM up to 385kHz and DSD256 files

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