Savant Introduces Field-Configurable Echo Style Keypads

New keypad family offers new style and easy customization through Savant Scene creation and keypad design tool.

Savant Introduces Field-Configurable Echo Style Keypads

The new Echo family of keypads from Savant are engineered to be completely customized in the field.

Brains and beauty come together in Savant’s new family of Echo style keypads. In addition to sporting a modern design, the keypads are field configurable from three to six buttons as well as the color of the keypad backlighting.

Echo style keypads are available in 10 different button configurations and three finishes, and have been engineered to be easily read from standing height. Designed to fit in a standard-sized opening, any of a variety of faceplates can be added.  

Additionally, backlit engraving can be set to one of nine different colors. A built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness based on the amount of light in the room and includes Wake Mode to increase backlit button brightness when a person approaches. 

The keypads also include the option to add Savant’s dial for dimming or volume control. 

“iQuarters has enjoyed deploying Savant lighting for our customers because it gives us tremendous flexibility with individual users. In the past, we have had to hard-code favorite music stations or TV channels into a keypad button and if the application changes, it requires additional programming time,” says Mike Brander of iQuarters, New York.

“With Savant lighting, we can simply check a box during setup that allows our client to adjust their music favorites, light configurations and Savant scenes in the Pro App all from within in a familiar setting. 

“When they experience the dynamic nature of their system in this way, they are impressed and feel empowered by the technology. They often ask us to unlock access to this feature on additional keypads.”

Echo Keypads Support Any Savant Scene 

The Echo style keypads are also versatile in their level of control, able to manage lighting as well as audio, video, shades, climate and more. 

For the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, any Savant Scene that is created in the Savant Pro App can be easily assigned to a button on any Echo or Metropolitan style keypad.

This can be done by the integrator during initial system set-up or anytime by the homeowner when adjustments are needed and the integrator has unlocked feature-access. 

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Bringing even more opportunity to streamline the customization of the Echo keypads is Savant’s new web-based Keypad Designer. 

This design tool is available to all Savant integrators from the Savant store and allows for an integrator to not only design keypads and order engraved buttons, but to also assign keypads to rooms so that all location data can be printed on the keypad box for easy installation. 

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