Savant and Netgear Collaborate to Create S-Line Program

Thanks to Savant and Netgear joining forces, integrators can now take advantage of Savant’s new S-Line of networking products.


Savant and Netgear have partnered to offer integrators the S-Line, a suite of networking solutions, enhanced programs, and support services exclusive to Savant. The S-Line of products include routers, switches, access points, mobile hot spots, and its Meural digital canvas artwork.

Savant says its S-Line networking platform is ideally suited for its smart home ecosystem and represents an important opportunity for integrators seeking to deliver robust, business-grade residential networking platforms to their clients.

The S-Line offers integrators benefits such as access to design and support services, a 6-year warranty, and the licenses needed for Netgear’s cloud-based management platform called Insight. Additionally, as part of the program, Savant techs have been trained to provide Tier 1 support on the S-Line networking platform, with fast access to Netgear’s Tier 2 support when required.

“Savant customers have increased the demand on their networks by working, schooling and streaming more content than ever before in their homes,” says George Katsiris, VP, product evangelist at Savant.

“We are rolling out the S-Line program as a comprehensive solution that will enable integrators to support their client’s networking requirements. We are also collaborating with the amazing team at Netgear to provide future solutions that offer deeper integration capabilities to best serve the CI channel. The Netgear S-Line is an ideal networking solution to pair with Savant’s Smart Audio product family that delivers superb clarity and detail for any entertainment application along with built-in smart home functionality all controlled from a single, award-winning user experience.”  

S-Line to Continue to Expand Over Time

The S-Line program will expand over time to include new products, deeper integration functionality, and high-value support services, enabling integrators to deliver performance systems while improving efficiency on nearly any job size, according to a press release.

Both companies are committed to exhaustive testing, ensuring seamless interoperability and performance between their respective platforms. In addition, all compatible Netgear devices are now obtainable via the Savant store.

“Netgear is thrilled to solidify our partnership with Savant, the leader in home control and automation,” says Vikram Mehta Sr. vice president, SMB at Netgear.

“The new S-Line encompasses many of our premium products, allowing Savant customers to realize NETGEAR’s innovative networking solutions that connect people by powering homes, businesses, and advancing the way we live.”