Russound Upgrades Firmware for Streaming Products

Russound whole-house audio systems and streaming devices will now have access to sleep timers, scheduling, room grouping features and more.

Fred Harding

Russound, the venerable home audio equipment manufacturer, has recently introduced a firmware update for their streaming devices and selected whole house audio systems that are controlled via the MyRussound App. The update adds alarms, sleep timers, scheduling, service layout adjusting, and room grouping.

The room grouping feature allows users of the MCA series of products to fold together zones or rooms for easy, repeatable usage. An example might be an outdoor system, with outdoor kitchen, pool, lanai and game court being separate, but by grouping, have all those zones play the same source.  It makes it easier for the user to quickly enjoy music outdoors.

The expanded alarm, scheduling and sleep timer functions are applicable in the Russound MBX streaming products, allowing users to wake to program choice A, switch to B when it makes sense, and go to sleep while listening to C. 

The service re-ordering allows the user to customize the menu on the MBX series products, hiding unused services and allowing a preferred order for relevant sources to be established. 

Essentially, the upgrade makes it easier for the end-user to enjoy their system.  Check with your Russound supplier for more information, or visit