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Integrator Invests $45,000 in Outdoor LED Store Signage

Stereo & Video Center in Tyler, Texas, gives its storefront a facelift, including a new giant outdoor Prismview LED display.

Integrator Invests $45,000 in Outdoor LED Store Signage
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If an integrator expects to sell and install high-tech equipment in its clients homes, its storefront ought to have a high-tech appearance… even from the outside. That is the conclusion the team at Stereo & Video Center (SVC) in Tyler, Texas came to recently when they undertook a multi-phase renovation of their building exterior, parking lot, and most importantly their exterior signage. The end result was a $45,000 investment on an outdoor LED display that is meant to pay off with increased visibility and customers.

Tyler, Texas is a serene east Texas community of 100,000+ residents that offers several bustling business areas for the growing population. One such location is the busy Broadway Avenue, where Dennis and Deb Mortis have owned and operated SVC since 2013.

The business traces its roots back to 1976 as a hi-fi store catering to local music enthusiasts. SVC has grown significantly under the Mortis’ ownership, which they attribute to their dedication to great service, smart advice and top-notch technology deployment.

Giving SVC a Facelift

As a part of the strategic planning to continue their growth, the Denny and Deb decided they needed to give SVC a facelift, attacking it in stages over several years. The decision to focus on the building itself was driven in large part by their understanding of their local market and appreciation of the busy street they’re on. Positioned right in the middle of Broadway Ave., traffic past their storefront averages more than 36,000 cars per day. The more branding they can accomplish with this fast-moving audience, the better.

The branding renovation started in earnest in 2017 with a facelift for the building itself. Colors were chosen that would be bright and professional-looking.

But the biggest branding opportunity for Stereo & Video Center was the 40-foot tall monument sign at curbside. It is one of the most prominent signage constructions on Broadway. The decision was made to not only replace the 6 X 16-foot sign enclosure with a new 8×16-foot enclosure, but to also add a new 4 X 8-foot bright, crystal-clear outdoor LED screen. The new sign would enable Dennis and his marketing team to use display relevant brand and sales messages, and attract more attention with movement and color.

Dennis and his marketing team were careful to check with local zoning regulations to be sure they could proceed with their plans. Several local signage vendors were brought in to receive the same instructions and then come back with their best bids.

At the same time, Dennis and the team researched the LED screen category and eventually selected Prismview for the screen. Originally an independent brand, Prismview is now under the Samsung umbrella and enjoys all its support and strength.

Choosing the Right Sign Company

After much research and confirmation with local referrals, Leon’s Signs was chosen as the contractor to handle the entire sign renovation. The SVC team even toured Leon’s Signs’ facilities before placing the order.

“The Leon’s team drew up new sign designs and reviewed them carefully with the SVC team. There was much discussion about the look, feel and coloring of the new signage,” according to Dennis.

“The look of the monument sign needed to coordinate well with the main building while at the same time satisfying the ‘Glance Test’ that enables a passing motorist to not only read the signage, but have the messaging be understandable and as memorable as possible. You only have a few seconds to connect with them,” he says.

The color of the LEDs and the background must also work well together. The contrast between the background color and that of the letters must be easy on the eyes and yet instantly readable. The team at Leon’s Signs was instrumental in guiding the SVC team through these decisions.

On the day of the installation, the Leon trucks arrived early in the morning and started the process of disassembling the monument sign. Section by section, the team dismantled the main structural center pole. And then just as carefully, they rebuilt the structure from the bottom up. The new LED sign was placed in an enclosure and mounted on the top of the 40-foot pole.

SVC opted for a more modern design for its new sign, including an updated typeface and updated styling.

The LED screen and upper signage enclosure need 110V power, while the LED screen also needs to have a wireless router connection so the SVC team can remotely send new content to the screen from any computer. The Creative Engine software from Prismview enables simple, wireless messaging control of the LED screen.

“The newly renovated monument sign made an immediate impression on everyone who saw it. It looks much more modern and high-tech, with the LED screen being visible and readable from way down Broadway as you approach the store,” says Dennis.

The crowning touch on the SVC renovation was having the parking lot re-sealed, thoroughly patched, striped and then having a mobility ramp installed. Now the first impressions of Stereo & Video Center are more impressive and more likely to result in a visit.

“While these steps were expensive, we planned for them, we shopped hard and we are thrilled with the results,” says Dennis Mortis. “Our marketing team did a great job and the choice of Leon’s Signs and the Prismview folks were absolutely the best choice. Stereo & Video Center now has the sharpest, clearest LED screen in East Texas thanks to Prismview. And our monument sign now speaks loudly for our brand, thanks to Leon’s Signs.”

Frank Marketing acted as a consultant on the project.

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