Paul Starkey, Steve Firszt Create 3-Tier Membership Program for Business Services

Vital Mgmt will donate some proceeds of new Get it Right program to Habitat for Humanity.


Vital Mgmt, a business consulting firm founded by industry veterans Paul Starkey and Steve Firszt, is launching a new membership program for integrators called Get it Right, based on the company’s principles for its exclusive Bravas cooperative of profitable dealers.

The new three-tier program gives dealers an opportunity to get in at a lower level, from $250 to $2,000 per month, with a one-year commitment. Vital Management will donate $250 in set-up fees and 10% of first-year fees to Habitat for Humanity, with a goal of contributing $100,000 this year and again in 2016.

Starkey and Firszt believe integrators are missing about $100,000—or a total of $100 million for the top 1,000 dealers—every year in profits through poor business practices.

“Close to 100% of the engagements we’ve had reveal significant profit dollars being left behind,” says Firszt. “Whether caused by improper counting practices, lack of profit planning, poor labor productivity, inefficient process – it’s always more than just one thing – corrective actions can bring new profit to these companies.”

The founders add, “Every company that follows the system should expect a strong multiple on their investment as a first-year return.”