Origin Acoustics Shaves 2 Inches of Depth Off Speaker Line

Origin Acoustics is shipping its Director Series of in-ceiling loudspeakers that have 2 inches less depth than previous units.


Origin Acoustics is shipping its newest generation of its Director Series and LCR Collections of loudspeakers. The next-generation speakers are being released two years after the initial launch of the line with a stream of advances. The most visible advancement is the Director 3-way models smaller size in depth. As much as 2 inches has been shaved off of the depth of the previous units allowing them fit into more ceiling spaces.

Through impedance and crossover refinements, the new series offers improved output sensitivity by an average of 3dB. This decreases power requirements in large multi-room systems making Director more efficient and economical.

Its new Ultra-Pivot mids and tweeters now reside in a smoother and more secure mechanism with a precise directional focus of critical mid and high frequencies. All models continue to feature the X-Wave Surround in the woofers.

The X-Wave surround absorbs frequencies between 700Hz and 1,400Hz that typically run up and down the cone of the woofer. The surround reduces unwanted distortion and improves driver stability while in motion. The reduced width of the surround also increases usable cone area.

To improve sonic performance, the interior of the baffle has been fitted with a Variable Depth Absorption Layer or VDAL. This rubberized insert reduces resonances in the baffle structure while also eliminating mid and high frequency reflections.

According to the company, the Director Series is the industry’s largest matched-timbre in-ceiling line, from its smallest 3-inch to largest 10-inch model, with uniformity and matched materials on all five models. 

The industrial design now includes new rubber material added to the baffle that further reduces unwanted reflections and delivers a total aesthetic “blackout” through the use of black aluminum and black Kevlar components. These design enhancements also give a more modern and intricate appearance.

With Origin’s Compression Molded Woofer Baskets utilizing the latest techniques and a material in plastic fabrication, Origin is able to create basket designs with superior stability and acoustic neutrality. These baskets combine with the driver suspension to increase linearity and improve overall performance.

Grille Upgrades

A paintable, perforated magnetic grille, with a micro bezel, covers the entire speaker assembly and leaves a discreet finished appearance. Its magnetic attachment makes removing or replacing the grille fast and easy.

The grille magnets found on the Origin Acoustics Tool-Less Installation mounting rings are now enclosed in the plastic, sealing them away from exposure to moisture and temperature extremes. The Tool-Less Installation (Patent #9591390) spreads the weight of the speaker over a larger area than typical mounting systems.

Spring-loaded clips also create more uniform pressure against the drywall eliminating any warping or distortion of the speaker baffle or the drywall itself. It is important when installing a loudspeaker in the ceiling that it be stable and secure, restricting the vibration of the assembly and limiting transfer of energy into the wall.

“The new second-generation Directors Series and LCR Collection is the result of our continued obsession to innovate and improve by advancing every aspect of each system,” says Nick Berry, executive vice president of Origin Acoustics, “No matter how colossal the advancement, the products acoustic performance and installation ease for the installer is our top interest.”

The new model numbers for simplicity transitioned from even to odd number SKUs. The LCR Collection new models are the LCR69, LCR67 and LCR65. The Director 10-inch is the D109, the 8-inch is the D81 and 6-inch is the D65.  

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