One Button Turns On Entire Outdoor Entertainment Space

This homeowner, a lighting specifier, knew exactly how he wanted lighting control to be added to his home. Outside, lights, music, even fireplaces turn on at the press of a button.


Home control is starting to mirror what Steve Jobs told his very first iPod developers: it should only have one button. 

We're not there yet, but in some cases one button labeled “Entertain” can bring on the party lights, the music and even several fireplaces. In this recent Desert Springs, Calif. home automation project, that's exactly what the customer wanted.

The homeowner, a lighting specifier at Commercial Lighting Industries, knew exactly what he wanted in terms of lighting control. He asked for a wide range of lighting types incuding LEDs, incandescent, forward phase and reverse phase lighting.

The customer also wanted a single interface to control the entire home. The integrator on the project, Creative Control Design, configured the system to connect the following areas of the house:

  • Kitchen
  • Butler’s kitchen
  • Wine room
  • Personal and gathering spaces
  • Fireplaces (8)
  • Automated sliding glass doors (8)
  • Indoor/outdoor bar and patio
  • Pool/spa and hot tub

The homeowner knew exactly what he wanted in terms of lighting control.

A Vantage InFusion system was selected to provide complete system integration for its responsive and intuitive nature.

The entire family, guests and staff would be using the system to the homeowner wanted it to be as intuitive as possible. Two keypads, Vantage's Equinox 40 and Equinox 73, would control the entire house.

Lights, Music, Action

When the homeowner presses the “Entertain” button, the response is immediate. In the bar area, the party lights come on and the music begins to play.

In the wine cellar, multi-color changing LEDs illuminate and fireplaces turn on (but only if it's cold outside).

In the pool area, color-changing LEDs come on and misters or heaters turn on around the patio, depending on the temperature outside.

Multi-color changing LEDs illuminate in the wine cellar.

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