Netgear’s New FlexPower Wireless Outdoor Camera with ONVIF is Integrator’s Dream

Introduced at CEDIA 2017, new FlexPower outdoor camera from Netgear looks like Arlo but provides rechargeable battery and ONVIF support for home automation integration.


Netgear’s new FlexPower camera, introduced at CEDIA 2017, is an integrator’s dream. Not only is it battery-powered (rechargeable), built for the outdoors (IP65 rated) and wireless, it supports the ONVIF communications protocol for integrating with third-party video recorders and home automation systems.

Most of the pro-oriented smart-home systems support ONVIF, meaning you can display the FlexPower camera alongside other compliant devices.

The ONVIF compliance comes not from the camera itself but a companion hub. The base station supports up to four cameras, which communicate over a proprietary 2.4-GHz RF technology, which is more efficient than Wi-Fi and doesn’t encroach on the home’s own Wi-Fi network.

The rechargeable battery lasts for four to six months, according to the company, and there’s an optional solar panel to power the unit.

The cameras are expected to retail for less than $250 each, with the base station selling for $99.

The product begins shipping in October … and won’t be available through mass-market merchants!

CE Pros will love this thing.

(Updated: The original story mentioned this product as part of the Arlo family, but it falls instead under the Netgear brand of pro-oriented solutions.)

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