Napco’s StarLink Connect Extends Cellular, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and iBridge Platform to Honeywell, DSC

ISC West 2016: iBridge, the SHaaS (smart home as a service) platform from Napco, is now compatible with Honeywell, DSC and soon Interlogix alarm systems, bringing cellular, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and interactive services to wider market.


Napco (Nasdaq: NSSC), a leading provider of commercial and home security systems, is extending its reach to competitors’ products. Announced at ISC West 2016 this week in Las Vegas, the company’s iBridge smart-home as a service (SHaaS) platform now supports alarm systems from Honeywell and Tyco’s DSC. Interlogix from UTC also will be supported in the near future.

Previously, iBridge was available only for Napco’s own security products. The platform enables customers to communicate with their home’s security and home automation systems remotely via smart phone – for example, arming and disarming the alarm, controlling door locks and thermostats, and receiving text and video notifications via SMS messaging.

This week during ISC, Napco is showing the new StarLink Connect hub, featuring Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and cellular radios and the ability to iBridge-enable Honeywell and DSC alarm panels.

Here’s where the tally stands so far with these security panels and their interactive services:

Currently, Honeywell alarm systems work with Honeywell’s own Total Connect SHaaS platform. Some models work in some circumstances with Icontrol.

DSC works with and Icontrol.

Interlogix, which will soon be added to the iBridge roster, currently works with, Icontrol and Interlogix’s own interactive services.

By the way, Napco works only with its own iBridge platform.

StarLink Connect

The new StarLink Connect module syncs with DSC and Interlogix panels via their respective keypad buses. Napco developed virtual keypads for both brands, so dealers familiar with DSC and Interlogix “don’t have to learn anything new from us,” says Napco VP marketing Judy Jones.

At the same time, StarLink Connect offers a completely wire-free solution both for Napco and the other panels, with Wi-Fi communications onboard. Meanwhile, it consolidates Z-Wave and cellular service in a single hub for Napco, which used to require a separate Z-Wave gateway for automation.

StarLink Connect Features (provided by Napco)

  • Full up/downloads with the same panel programs you know
  • Dual cellular/IP reporting to any central station
  • Broadest Nationwide coverage: CDMA Verizon Certified or AT&T
  • Full virtual keypad app
  • Connected home Z-Wave control with up to twice the standard range
  • SMS text and video alert notifications

Napco StarLink Connect communicator features Z-Wave, cellular, Wi-Fi radios and works with iBridge smart-home platform.