Monster Partners with Tuya Smart to Create Line of Smart Home Products

Monster and Tuya Smart are co-creating a line of ‘Monster Smart Powered by Tuya’ smart home products, including home entertainment control and security system solutions.


During CES 2019, Monster, maker of headphones, speakers and power accessories, announced that it is teaming up with Tuya Smart, a leading AI+IoT (AIoT) platform, to co-create a new line of “Monster Smart Powered by Tuya” smart home products.

These products include solutions for controlling everything from lighting and home entertainment to power, security and more.

The alliance between Monster and Tuya will facilitate the development of an entirely new category of highly efficient, easy-to-use and secure smart products for the home and office.

Monster Smart Powered by Tuya products will benefit from Monster's expertise in product design and development, supported by Tuya's AIoT platform, including big data capabilities that enable geolocation and environment-sensing features.

Initially, the product lineup will include the next generation of the Monster IlluminEssence products, with new power, home entertainment control, security system solutions, and more to be announced in the coming months.

CEO of Monster Noel Lee notes:”'Always Deserve Better' is why we've focused on better audio for 40 years. And now we think IoT and 'smart' products will help consumers have a better life in so many ways and we're looking forward to directing our innovation with Tuya in all things 'smart' – starting with lighting, power, and security.”


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