iRoom’s Out of the Box Control Solution

Triple Connectivity simplifies home and boardroom control.

iRoom’s iTop and iBezel are not only docking stations that charge the iPad but they are also stand-alone control units with a control keypad that's incorporated into the glass faceplate.

The iPad has become the first choice control device in home and boardroom control environments but to access simple functions like dimming the lights, selecting the Audio/Video source or turning up or muting the volume the user always has to unlock the iPad screen, pull up the control app and find the right control function. iRoom’s iTop or iBezel give the user fingertip access to often used functions without using the iPad, yet the iPad is there for more complex control functions through its graphical user interface. 

Easy Setup
It takes only a few steps to set up a simple control solution. Six or eight Quick Keys can be assigned any IP commands in order to give the user fingertip access to audio, video, lights, blinds or any electronic device through the home or corporate IP network: 

Mount the iBezel flush into the wall or position the iTop on the desired surface, connect it to the IP network, install iRoom’s iOS app on the iPad, use the app to assign IP commands to the Quick Keys and finally insert the pre-printed control icons into the Quick Keys according to the assigned control function. Done!

Triple Control Connectivity
iTop and iBezel offer three different connectivity options that can be used either in combination with each other or each one individually.

iRoom’s control technology is based on IP to control devices directly that are connected to an existing IP network. In addition, the optional 8-port high voltage relay module iO83 allows for control of devices that are not IP addressable such as lights, blinds or ventilation. iO83 connects to iBezel or iTop via LAN or WiFi. The third connectivity option utilizes a third-party control system by triggering control functions or control macros that are already programmed with these control systems. The method stays the same with all three options by assigning IP commands to the Quick Keys. Free drivers for all major control system such as Crestron, AMX, Savant, Control 4, RTI, Key Digital, Global Caché, GIRA HomeServer are available on iRoom’s website to make the control configuration easier. 

iBezel adds even more control functionality or in other words, automated control. Its 8 digital inputs can be connected to sensors to trigger control functions automatically e.g. the garden lights turn on when it starts getting dark out.

The Ultimate Control Device
When the iPad is used as a control device for the third-party control system, iTop and iBezel become the ultimate control interface by housing the iPad with its control GUI and providing Quick Keys directly next to the iPad for the most commonly used control functions. 

iBezel and iTop are PoE+ compatible.  A single cat cable powers both models and gives them control connectivity at the same time.

While iBezel accommodates the iPad Air 1 & 2 and iPad Pro 9.7”, iTop is equipped with an adjustable connector that charges any iPad with the Lightning port whether it’s an iPad Air 1 & 2, iPad Pro 9.7”, iPad Pro 12.9” or any generation of iPad mini. Both models are available in black or white and have a built-in proximity sensor that wakes up the backlit keypad.

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