Inside a Private Day-and-Date Home Theater with Barco Projection

Upgrading from Runco to Barco, the home cinema is decked out with a Barco Residential Prometheus I, DCI compliant 4K digital projector, JBL Synthesis sound system and more.


ceed AG acted as the technology and acoustics installer for a recent day-and-date movie service home cinema install in Switzerland, which saw distributor Genesis Technologies and design company Theo Kalomirakis lend their respective skill sets to this impressive Barco installation, with access to films immediately upon their release date.

The owner is a cinema enthusiast and wanted to ensure he had “the best possible 4K picture and content with remarkable sound,” as well as day and date movies – with no compromises.

Upgrading from Runco to Barco, the home cinema was decked out with a Barco Residential Prometheus I, light output, DCI compliant 4K digital projector, a JBL Synthesis sound system, DCI upgrade for legacy audio systems with a nexgentec electronics open architecture DSP audio controller and a ceed control application.

“The reason the client chose the Barco solution is based on the long standing relationship the customer has with ceed AG,” Jonas Oesch, managing director for ceed AG tells CE Pro sister publication CE Pro Europe.

“Bel Air Cinema is the first company to offer day and date DCI quality Hollywood content for private cinemas. Barco Residential is the choice of BAC when it comes to DCI compliant projectors; Genesis Technologies is the sole distributor in Europe for BAC,” says Torsten Steinbrecher, managing director, Genesis Technologies.

Bel Air Cinema (BAC) was founded by long term industry insiders who dared to make this exclusive dream a reality.

BAC offers blockbuster films and unique cinema events in a wide range of markets around the globe. This exclusive content is available only in a professional quality format requiring commercial grade cinema equipment to experience the offering.

“The specialty here is the mix between professional DCI content and consumer devices like Kaleidescape, Sky UK and Apple TVs,” Jonas continues. “This was quite a challenge to accomplish. The cinema is controlled via an iPad with the ceed IOS application, featuring a custom user interface designed for the room.”

The theater is controlled via iPad with the ceed IOS application.

This particular install was the first ever private installation with access to day and date movies.

“The noise absorption required due to using commercial grade products in a private cinema was challenging,” Jonas reflects. “It took a huge effort to sound-isolate the ceiling in order not to be disturbed by the ventilation noise of the projector. It’s a complete ‘no compromise’ room, down to the room design, to technology, to furniture. This cinema is a one of a kind.”

Jonas says that the reaction and impressed faces of the owner’s family, guests and friends was priceless.

“I’d like to quote the late Steve Jobs who once said, ‘People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do,’” says Torsten. “The biggest challenge in this upgrade was due to the limited space available to install a projector of that league without compromising anywhere else.”

This article was originally published on CE Pro Europe.