GE Appliances Launches SmartHome Solutions for Deep Learning of Major Appliances

New SmartHome Solutions group within GE Appliances will use IoT connectivity, voice control and deep learning to better manage and enjoy kitchens and other key spaces.


LOUISVILLE, Ky.– GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, touts itself as the producer of the world's first WiFi-connected wall oven and the first voice-controlled appliances with Amazon and Google connectivity.

Describing itself as the leader in the WiFi-enabled smart home appliances industry, GE Appliances has created a new team—SmartHome Solutions—which aims to “again transform the heart of the home and how owners experience the kitchen, laundry and many of life’s everyday moments.”

The new group merges the existing Connected Technology and Information Technology teams, to “help consumers manage their households more efficiently and in new ways,” according to the press release. “This means extending the business’s thinking to all areas of the home where automation technologies and deep knowledge of data analytics and cloud-based applications can bring more convenience, more assistance and more peace of mind to owners.”

New GEA SmartHome Leader

Shawn Stover has been named vice president – SmartHome Solutions, and will serve as head of the new team. Stover has been with GE Appliances since 1998, serving in a series of engineering, marketing, sales and operational roles, including his most recent post as general manager, Cross Product & Connected Home. In his new role, Shawn will have responsibility for leading GEA’s overall SmartHome Solutions IoT strategy for all product lines, brands and services.

“Shawn’s network across multiple industries, his deep product knowledge, strong business acumen and demonstrated success in creating collaboration make him uniquely qualified to lead this inventive group,” said Kevin Nolan, Chief Executive Officer for GE Appliances. “Our ambition is to be first with connected products and services that deliver real, everyday value, whether that’s using an app to turn your oven off, controlling your air conditioner from anywhere in the house, or automatically ordering more laundry detergent before you run out. There’s an energy that’s evident in our team that promises many exciting outcomes.”

Today, GE Appliances’ Geneva voice assistant can talk to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, among other intelligent and interactive systems, and as more appliances connect to more applications and devices, it opens the door to a new generation of products and custom possibilities, according to GEA.

Smart Life Platform Expansion

The SmartHome Solutions team plans to expand the Haier U+ Smart Life Platform in the United States. Haier calls itself a “pioneer in smart home appliances” and cliams its U+ platform “holds game-changing potential for the industry.”

Through an open API, the company says, “U+ creates a unified world where products from different appliance makers can connect freely and without barriers, allowing for 'dialogues' across smart household brands by enabling a variety of products and services to communicate.”

Via the U+ platform, consumers have access to real-time information about their appliances on their mobile devices.

GEA's existing Wi-Fi appliances and use cases can be found in the GE WiFi Connect section of the Website.

About GE Appliances SmartHome Technology

GE Appliances, a Haier company, is a leader in WiFi-connected appliance technology, making owners’ lives easier while improving their daily routines. With its connected suite of GE Appliances, owners can monitor and maintain their home from virtually anywhere. From the kitchen to the laundry room, connected products work with Amazon Alexa, Dash Replenishment, Nest Labs, Innit, Drop, IFTTT and now Google Assistant, allowing owners to stay on top of their appliances from near or far using their voice or a mobile device. Connected appliances also are updated remotely with new capabilities and can assess their own performance, allowing for unparalleled service.