For Sale: $2.8 Million Doomsday Ranch with ‘First Class’ Survival Space for 22 Guests

Move-in-ready Hope Ranch in Texas features vaulted ceilings, chef’s kitchen, finest craftsmanship … and underground off-the-grid survival area that sleeps 22 and houses them for extended periods of time when disaster strikes.

For Sale: $2.8 Million Doomsday Ranch with ‘First Class’ Survival Space for 22 Guests

Hope Ranch in the Texas Panhandle is a doomsday paradise for survivalists, situated on over a quarter-mile of land that features streams, hills, and wooded areas for nature lovers. : Briggs Freeman / Sotheby's

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Looking for a safe place to live, away from foreign and home-grown threats? A sprawling 200-acre luxury working ranch with a large main house and multiple guest properties? A “a happy place with inspirational sunsets, bird songs in the air and scents of sagebrush, cedar and wildflowers in the spring …”? A place with a “first-class survival facility” for 22 people or more?

Hope Ranch in the Texas Panhandle city of Canyon, Texas, could be just the place. Built for “ultimate survival preparedness,” the property now on the market for $2.8 million, offered by Briggs Freeman/Sotheby's.

Here's what survivalists can expect on the security front:

The four-car garage is air conditioned to provide additional sleeping accommodations in times of crisis and includes in-ground defensive barricades. Steel doors and roll-down curtains protect patio entrances that are further protected by reinforced decorative stone patio walls, one with an exquisite pergola and fireplace. Accessed via a hidden mag-lock keypad, the security survival areas were custom-designed in Utah and Switzerland and installed underground behind multiple four-ton steel doors, and includes secure storage areas, surveillance monitoring, an armory, a private elevator and secure sleeping for 22 or more with access to electricity, water, food and filtered air for extended periods. 

A Fiber Instrastructure

The previous owner, a former publisher of “one of the security industry’s leading magazines,” had the foresight to wire the property with fiber-optic cabling — partially to support 21 high-end security cameras and two commercial-grade command posts (for redundancy), but also to ensure high-quality entertainment systems that support 4K and future 8K video streams.

Instead of doing drills and hiding under desks, the new residents and their guests can wallow in 14,214 square feet of luxury, knowing they're safe from blasts, fallout, initial radiation, electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, fire, chemical weapons and biological threats, according to the property listing.

Add tsunamis and hurricanes to the “no-worries” list, as the property is centrally located between the East and West coasts, far away from ocean swells. The residents should be able to survive long droughts, as well, since the ranch sits atop a fully operational well that holds over 19,000 gallons of water.

Belying the ranch's survivalist features, it boasts classic styling and modern amenities like a chef's kitchen. The new owners have the option of buying $25,000 worth of food with a 30-year shelf life, as well as two large gun safes in the garage and a Sony TV in the guest house.

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