Denon Envoi Battery-Powered Speaker with Class D Amp is Perfect for Outdoor Parties

Fred Harding of Capitol Sales tries out battery-powered Denon Envoi Pro speaker, featuring Class D amp and PA capabilities — built for commercial applications but perfect for outdoor entertainment at home.

Fred Harding

Self-powered commercial speakers are available from a number of different manufacturers in the marketplace. Folks are used to running them in a variety of applications – sometimes outdoors, sometimes permanently mounted, sometimes portable. It’s a convenient way to have a right sized PA system available.

Denon Professional just brought out a wonderful new model called the Envoi Pro that meets most of the criteria, plus one additional feature: The Envoi has a 10-inch, two-way speaker with a class D amplifier onboard.

Included is a handheld wireless microphone, operating on one of sixteen uhf frequencies to avoid signal conflicts. Of course, it’s agile, so you can tune to avoid interference.

It also has:

  • Two Neutrik-style microphone/line inputs that you can switch
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver, as well as a 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input
  • Built in USB and SD slots for long unattended playback capabilities
  • Casters and a handle that mimics my carry-on bag
  • An LCD display for checking status
  • Looping output to feed another unit
  • Pole mounting socket
  • Bass and treble controls
  • Battery power …

Denon Pro Envoi powered speaker with Class D amp and PA functionality.

That’s right, battery operated. This unit can plug into electricity if it’s available, but the on-board battery has the capability to last between eight and 12 hours in the middle of nowhere. Your mileage will vary depending on how loud you crank the thing, of course. The LCD display will show battery status.

All of a sudden, you’ve got an incredibly valuable device for backyard parties, weddings in the park, school and church functions, hotel ballrooms …. You get the picture.

If you need more inputs, plug in any manufacturer’s mixer and you’re good to go, provided you have power for the external mixer.

This thing plays well, and plays loud.

It’s about 22 inches high by 14 wide by 12 inches deep, and weighs just under 42 pounds. The folks at Denon Pro say the unit will play down to 55 Hz, which for most applications is just fine.

Retail on the unit is $600. Buy one of these, rent it to your brother in law for a couple of parties, and you’ve won the lottery.

Denon Professional is also planning on introducing a smaller version called the Envoi Go, which is more appropriate for voice-only applications. It’s a typical clamshell type of design, with speakers that detach from the central amplifier. The unit won’t last as long per charge on battery, being rated up to five hours.

Denon Envoi Pro Specs

  • Type: 2 way full-range active speaker
  • Power: 120W RMS/AC (240W peak); 80W RMS/DC battery-powered (160W peak)
  • LF Driver: 10 inch (254 mm) woofer
  • HF Driver: 1 inch (25.4 mm) compression driver
  • Frequency Response: 55 Hz – 20 kHz
  • USB Port Supported file systems: (FAT16/32); supported file formats: MP3, WMA
  • SD Card Slot Supported file systems: Supported file systems: (FAT16/32); supported file formats: MP3, WMA
  • Wireless Microphone:
    • UHF Frequency Range:
      • EU/UK: 863 – 865 MHz; 16 channels
      • US: 584 – 608 MHz; 16 channels
    • Wireless Mic Power: 2 AA 1.5V batteries
    • Wireless Mic Range: 66 ft, 20 m
  • Bluetooth Specs:
    • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 3.0 (backwards compatible)
    • Bluetooth Profiles: AVRCP
    • Bluetooth Range: 33 ft, 10 m
  • Battery Information:
    • Battery Type: (2) 12V DC, 5Ah/20Hr lead acid batteries
    • Battery Life: Up to 12 hours at half power, 3-4 hours at max power
    • Recharge Time: Approximately 10 hours
  • Mounting Socket: Standard 35 mm
  • Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height):
    • 11.9″ x 14.2″ x 22″ (303 mm x 360 mm x 560 mm)
  • Weight: 35.3 lbs, (16.05 kg)