Dennis Erskine Awarded CEDIA Fellows Honor

Longtime industry vet Dennis Erskine, founder of Erskine Group, has been named the 30th industry contributor to be selected as a CEDIA Fellow.


Dennis Erskine, founder of Colorado-based Erskine Group, Inc., will be recognized on October 8 for the honor at the 2020 CEDIA Awards virtual edition. A key figure in shaping several significant aspects of the residential technology integration industry and CEDIA as a global organization, Erskine becomes the 30th industry contributor to be selected by the CEDIA Board of Directors as a CEDIA Fellow.

“Dennis’ name is synonymous with CEDIA,” says CEDIA Board of Directors chairman Rob Sutherland. “His efforts to drive higher standards, progress best practices, and strengthen outcomes and rigor for CEDIA Certification have been exceptional throughout the years. Dennis represents the best of spirit and service in the industry and he joins elite company, indeed, as a CEDIA Fellow.”

Erskine currently serves as chairman of the CEDIA Certification Commission, which recently helped shepherd in a new era in CEDIA Certification with the launch of the Cabling and Infrastructure Technician Certification and the Integrated System Technician Certification and the ongoing improvements and modernization efforts of CEDIA Certification.

He has served as a dedicated volunteer and home theater design subject matter expert for years with the organization, holding key leadership positions, including a two-year term as chairman of the CEDIA Board of Directors beginning in 2016 and multiple stints as a board member. He has been instrumental in the development of standards and certifications as a volunteer for CEDIA.

Erskine Group, Inc., which specializes in architectural acoustics, room construction, and installation, currently produces designs, blueprints, and specifications for home theaters. Erskine has also served as an instructor for the Home Acoustics Alliance.

He previously served in high level leadership for companies and organizations including: Holiday Inns Worldwide, Intelligent Networks, iNet Company of America (subsidiary of Bell Canada), ITT Dialcom, and Electronic Data Systems. Erskine previously played a role in defining international telecommunications standards. He is a licensed commercial pilot and flight instructor.

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  • 2009 — Eric Bodley
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  • 2009 — Richard Stoerger
  • 2009 — Frank White

The CEDIA Awards program recognizes technical excellence, product innovation, and individual professionals succeeding in the home technology industry. The global, virtual celebrations will be held on October 8 and will position the finest work of CEDIA members on the industry’s largest global stage in a well-produced, compelling presentation. During three jubilant ceremonies, all eyes from the industry will be on the winners and finalists in each of CEDIA’s three regional awards programs — Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

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