D-Tools and AudioVisions Partner to Develop System Integrator Software

As part of the agreement AUDIOVISIONS will have access to D-Tools software and support, and D-Tools will have access to AUDIOVISIONS intellectual property.


D-Tools, a manufacturer of system integration software and AUDIOVISIONS, a Calif.-based custom electronics integration company, have finalized a joint software development agreement. As part of this agreement D-Tools will have unrestricted access to AUDIOVISIONS Pro Integrator intellectual property, and in return, AUDIOVISIONS will have unrestricted use of current and future D-Tools software and support. Additionally, AUDIOVISIONS will serve in a mutually beneficial advisory role in the development of future D-Tools System Integrator releases.

To aggressively fuel future growth, D-Tools has been developing the next generation of the company’s System Integrator (SI) software and data solutions, which will migrate the product’s robust offering to the cloud. Coincidentally, AUDIOVISIONS, which has been building software for its own purposes and for the industry for over 20 years, was also developing a cloud-based version of its business management software platform, Pro Integrator.

The goal for both companies has always been to build the best-of-breed solution for the industry.  The two companies have decided to pool their resources and collective brain trust related to building software for the integration industry, and work together to accomplish that common goal. 

“While investigating opportunities to integrate with third-party solutions, we discovered that D-Tools had an extremely similar vision for their next generation software platform,” says Mark Hoffenberg, president, AUDIOVISIONS. “Of particular interest was that the development tools and methods that D-Tools had chosen aligned perfectly with the path that AUDIOVISIONS had chosen for our Pro Integrator software platform development.” 

As a result of this discovery, and the trust developed from the long-standing relationship between D-Tools’ recently appointed CEO, Randy Stearns, and AUDIOVISIONS President, Mark Hoffenberg, the companies explored a software joint venture and found obvious synergies that were hard to ignore.

“This strategic joint development agreement gives D-Tools a strong partner with deep industry knowledge and expertise. That, combined with the access D-Tools will gain to AUDIOVISIONS software assets, will expedite our development of the next generation of D-Tools software,” adds Randy Stearns, CEO, D-Tools. “Our mutual objective for this collaboration is to deliver a highly differentiated, cloud-based, end-to-end solution to the market.” 

As part of this agreement, AUDIOVISIONS software developer, Hunter Kiernan, has joined the D-Tools team as a product manager for the forthcoming cloud-based, enterprise-level product that is currently in development and expected to be released in 2017. 

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