ConnectWise Peer Collaboration Differentiates Its Turnkey Software Solutions at CEDIA Expo

ConnectWise leverages its huge user base for collaboration with integrators in user groups. Plus, its ConnectWise University offers self-paced online learning.


ConnectWise knows most custom integrators got into the business because of their love of technology, not necessarily because they wanted to run a small business. So, the Tampa-based software giant is ready to help rescue integrators from “organizational chaos.”

John Fry, business development director at ConnectWise, says, “ConnectWise allows you to essentially organize all of your business processes. What you get out of that is automated workflow and processes all the way from the quote to the invoice.

“Everybody in the company lives and breathes within the ConnectWise platform, and you start to create efficiencies in sales, project management, service, and billing. It really becomes a central location where all your data lives and it gives you visibility to make better decisions, and those better decisions allow you to grow.”

At CEDIA Expo 2018, Fry recommends integrators ask ConnectWise (Booth #613) specifically about the ConnectWise Manage software platform.

“Ask to see the Company Screen [within ConnectWise Manage]. The Company Screen allows you to really see how everything is tied together… other companies, customers, contacts, service tickets…they all live in the Company Screen. Within just a couple of clicks, you will start to see the vision of what ConnectWise and ConnectWise Manage are all about.”

He continues, “Integrators have quite a bit of choice when it comes to software selection that will run their business. We are all pretty much checking the same boxes in terms of functionality and workflow.”

Fry says there are two significant differentiators for ConnectWise:

  1. Ongoing Education – The company’s ConnectWise University is an online, self-paced learning program for users. That education includes thought leadership not just from ConnectWise staff, but also from an outside perspective.
  2. User Collaboration – ConnectWise has a defined peer-to-peer collaboration process in place, which includes smaller user groups and is highlighted by its annual IT Nation conference that draws thousands to Orlando every November from across the globe.