ConnectWise and D-Tools Launch Combined Workflow Optimization Platform

The newly launched partnership between ConnectWise and D-Tools allows integrators to seamlessly tie together project proposals and design documents.

ConnectWise and D-Tools Launch Combined Workflow Optimization Platform

By combining the strengths of ConnectWise Manage and D-Tools System Integrator, the two companies are making it easier to estimate, design, and support project proposals.

Recently, D-Tools, Inc., makers of data-driven system integration software, and ConnectWise, a software company that connects technology teams solutions and services to help them succeed, announced the two platforms are now integrated.

This partnership could help A/V integrators face the multitude of challenges associated with accurate budgeting, estimation, sales, system design, purchasing, field operations, and project reporting.

Often, poor or ineffective communication, along with missing or incomplete information can mean the difference between success and failure.

Now, A/V systems integrators will be able to use the combined features of ConnectWise Manage and D-Tools System Integrator. This allows integrators a “seamless workflow” that ties-together the initial project proposal and design with procurement, inventory tracking, project scheduling, service, support, and ConnectWise Help Desk management.

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D-Tools and ConnectWise have partnered to ensure that all aspects run as seemlessly as possible, and are accurately tracked from the initial proposal and system design through purchase, installation, and on-going service.

Additionally, ConnectWise Manage and D-Tools System Integrator can help users streamline operations, standardize processes, and improve operating efficiencies, while enabling clear and consistent communication between team members. Not only does this provide effective visibility and accountability, it allows every department and associated tradespeople to work as a single, cohesive team, using powerfully integrated applications that simply get the job done.