The Road to CES 2017: 9 Wacky, Interesting and Smart Home Finds

Luggage that doubles as a scooter, holographic projector, ‘check-engine light’ for HVAC, IoT early fire detector, Alexa Voice Services (AVS) and other interesting finds from the CES 2017 show floor.

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CES 2017 is just one month away and CE Pro has been scouring the virtual show floor for interesting themes, exhibitors and products, especially centered around the smart home, Internet of Things (IoT) and flat-out WOW, just wow.

The serious stuff will be featured in our pre-CES Webinar on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 2pm ET: What to Expect at CES 2017: Home Technologists on IoT and A/V Trends. We've got trends in audio, video, home automation, IoT, aging in place and much more.

In our first installment of CES Finds, we bring you:

  • Nucleus, video intercom and smart-home hub, and one of the first implementers of native Amazon Alexa (Alexa Voice Services)

  • Smart Me Up, video analytics with smart-home applications like recognizing a face and setting the environment according to user preferences.

  • Fotric, more video analytics for the home, this time with thermal imaging to detect fires and other disturbances before it’s too late

  • Hololamp, a pico projector and app that enables lifelike, interactive holographic displays for animated chess games and more.

  • Breezi, the “check-engine light” for your HVAC system


  • ActiveProtective Smart Belt, an airbag that deploys during a fall

  • ORA, an early pioneer in what is expected to be a booming industry for Graphene-based loudspeakers

  • Clip-a-Phone: Hat and phone not included

  • Pavlok, “a wearable device that breaks bad habits”

  • Modobag, the “world’s first motorized rideable luggage”

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