CEDIA Tease: Middle Atlantic Sparks Systems with DC Power Distribution & Online UPS Backup Solutions

Middle Atlantic Products features its color-coded compact and 1RU DC power components as well as its Premium Online UPS Backup Power systems to fuel today’s power-thirsty installations.


Middle Atlantic Products might be best known for its myriad equipment rack solutions, but the company has put a charge into its power product innovations in recent years as well. You might say the atmosphere in the company’s CEDIA 2016 booth (#5132) this year is downright electric, showcasing Middle Atlantic's DC Power Distribution and Premium Online UPS Backup Power Systems.

You might recall that back in January CE Pro plugged in to the notion of low-voltage DC power distribution as one of our “5 Home Technology Trends and Opportunities for 2016.” With flexible mounting options for all size models, Middle Atlantic’s DC Power Distribution products address the trend and are available as 45W DC compact and 125W DC 1RU systems, allowing the system to fit anywhere, including traditional rack units, small enclosures, and wall boxes.

Designed with a color-coded screw terminal connector platform and polarity labeling for the 5V, 12V, 18V, and 24V outputs, installation is intuitive, the company says. Integrators simply trim leads to length to streamline their installations.

This not only reduces the design modifications that come with trying to fit the growing number of DC-power wall warts into installations, it also saves integrators labor time and costs, according to Middle Atlantic.

DC Power Distribution ships with everything the integrator needs in the system’s hardware kit, including flexible mounting hardware, color-coded screw terminal connectors, and a 6-foot IEC power cord.

Other key features of the DC Power Distribution solutions include multiple voltage outputs supported in one unit to address the needs of a variety of components that could be connected to it.

The solutions also offer reliable multi-level protection on both AC input and DC outputs, USB ports to conveniently power compatible products, and AC convenience outlets on the 45W model. Furthermore, LED indicator lights show activity on each output and alert users to maximum capacity on each voltage bank, Middle Atlantic adds.

In addition to the DC Power Distribution solutions at CEDIA, Middle Atlantic is showing its Premium Online UPS Backup Power Systems (pictured), which are available in three models: 1500VA, 2200VA, and 3000VA.

The products feature the longest runtime available in a 2RU form factor, which Middle Atlantic explains offers integrators a quick, one-person installation and allows them to easily add up to 10 expansion battery packs to extend runtime protection for even the most demanding environments.

As front-accessible systems, integrators can easily install and maintain them, while hot-swappable batteries eliminate downtime due to maintenance.

Battery life is fully monitored and reported, sending notifications in real time for optimal performance and reliability. An optional IP card gives technicians the power to remotely monitor and control the system’s health more efficiently.