CEDIA Tease: AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection Adds Expert Manager to Analytics

Parent company of ESP/SurgeX adds more power management analytics tools to its software suite, such as electrical parameter data, under- and over-voltage information and other power-related issues.


Integrators who engage in remote system diagnostics via connected power products will soon be able to expand their capabilities. AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection, parent company of ESP/SurgeX, has added Expert Manager to standard Next Gen and Envision software.

The company is highlighting Expert Manager during CEDIA 2016 in booth #1914.

Expert Manager provides analysis of a complex array of power-related data with the ability to translate that data instantly into reports that pinpoint problems and offer solutions to solve them.

AMETEK says Expert Manager analyzes a wide range of conditions and issues, such as electrical parameter data, under-voltages, over-voltages, or power outages and surges. It provides various solutions to mitigate problems at the touch of a button.

When combined with ESP/SurgeX cloud capabilities, Expert Manager also can send power quality alerts to users as a preventative measure.

“Every time a piece of equipment needs replacing or is taken offline because of a power-related issue, it costs money,” says AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection business manager Dave Perrotta. “Expert Manager minimizes costs associated with power-related downtime because it provides instant monitoring of power quality and allows a technician to take immediate corrective action when diagnostic equipment detects an abnormality.”

The robust analytics tool offers a corrective course that can be as simple as adjusting an abnormal load, or something more serious such as contacting an electrician to correct excessive neutral-ground voltage.

Expert Manager is designed to help keep connected equipment running smoother without disruption, against a wide variety of power issues.