CEDIA Q&A: Somfy Makes Waves with Exterior Solutions & Somfy Connect UAI Plus

Somfy has many new releases at CEDIA 2017, including exterior window solutions, Somfy Connect Universal Automation Interface (UAI) Plus and the updated myLink.


CEDIA 2017 is upon us, and ahead of the show, CE Pro spoke to Tom Murphy, chief operating officer, Somfy North America, about what Somfy has in store for CEDIA attendees in booth #3815 in San Diego, Sept. 5-9. 

Check out Somfy's CEDIA news here and click here if you're looking to become a Somfy dealer. 

What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?

Now is the ideal time to discover the power of Somfy! We offer a variety of integration solutions over IP, making it simpler than ever to integrate Somfy products into third-party home automation systems.

Stop by our booth to learn about motorization options for interior and exterior products, and flexible solutions perfect for projects of any size. Somfy also works with a wide variety of fabrics, styles, and fabricators to motorize all types of window coverings. In addition, our wide variety of sensors and controls includes hand-held remotes, wind and rain sensors, a smartphone app and even voice control.

Adding motorized window coverings to your offer is a great way to increase profits and boost your bottom line. Additionally, automated shade solutions elevate the experience that consumers have with home automation systems by increasing privacy, saving energy and minimizing glare. Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential shading solutions, Somfy has an option to fit your needs. 

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?

For the first time ever, Somfy is bringing exterior products to the CEDIA market! A 16-foot tower will show off innovative motorized solutions, from interior window coverings to awnings, screens, rolling shutters, and more.

In addition to exterior products, Somfy is exhibiting several new launches at CEDIA 2017, including the Somfy Connect Universal Automation Interface (UAI) Plus and the updated myLink. Our newest integration products are part of Somfy’s continued commitment to offering flexible integration options to work with any home automation system.

These devices make it possible to integrate Somfy motors over IP, whether working with Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) or Somfy Digital Network (SDN) motors. The myLink and its SDN counterpart, the Somfy Connect Universal Automation Interface (UAI) Plus, add a standardized approach to Somfy integration. Both offer new IP solutions, openness through drivers and the Somfy Synergy API, and consistency for integrators from project to project.

These additions to Somfy’s integration range allow integrators to expand their profit potential and offer users the comfort, convenience, and energy savings of motorized window coverings. Somfy is always there to support integrators, whether it’s through our project services team, customer service or even marketing support.

If a dealer/integrator stops by your booth with only 5 minutes to spare, what’s the one product he should examine or one question he should ask?

Integrators should stop by to discover the wide breadth and variety of Somfy’s integration offer. With the new Somfy Connect UAI Plus and the updated myLink, it’s now possible to integrate both RTS and SDN motors over IP. This standardized approach to Somfy integration makes it easy for integrators to work with Somfy-powered interior and exterior solutions for projects of all sizes.

As a world leader in innovation and performance, Somfy provides high quality products and smart solutions for the integration market. Our motors work with a wide range of interior and exterior window coverings, giving integrators incredible flexibility and high profit potential. Integrators who stop by our booth can also try our online integration configurator, which shows which Somfy-powered solution is right for any job.

Think of your closest competitor (company or product). What is one thing you offer that they don’t? Please be specific.

One of the benefits of using Somfy is that we have flexible solutions for projects of all sizes. Somfy not only has a wide range of integration options to work with third-party home automation systems; we also have motorization for both interior and exterior products.

Unlike a lot of our competitors, Somfy works with a wide variety of fabrics, styles and fabricators to motorize all types of window coverings.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of sensors and controls which includes hand-held remotes, wind and rain sensors, a smartphone app and even voice control. What sets Somfy apart from the pack is our wide range of solutions and flexibility to work on any project.

Why are you looking forward to CEDIA coming to San Diego for the first time?

One of the great things about the change in venue is that is allows local integrators from the west coast to be able to affordably walk the show. The San Diego Convention Center is also a great space, allowing the show to grow along with the growing CEDIA market. Plus, San Diego is a wonderful city sure to provide “exponential sunshine.”

What 5 hashtags would best describe your CEDIA presence?

Somfy has so many products it’s hard to sum us up in a hashtag, but maybe five hashtags will do!

#SomfyPowersSmartLiving, because our solutions complete the smart home picture.

#SmarterShade, because our interior and exterior shading solutions will both be on display this year at CEDIA.

#SomfyHasASolution, because Somfy motors are flexible and work with multiple products, styles, fabric types, and fabricators.

#SomfyIntegrationEducation means you can stop by our Somfy booth at any time and learn more about our wide range of integration options making it simple to integrate our products with popular third-party home automation systems.

#SomfyGoesOutdoors, because for the first time ever Somfy will be displaying our wide range of exterior products including awnings, screens, and more.

Do you have any course offerings at CEDIA?

We’re excited to offer a course showing the benefits of offering motorized shades and educating integrators about Somfy’s full range of integration options.

Attendees will discover Somfy’s variety of solutions in the course “Somfy Simplifies Shade Connectivity,” on Sept. 8 at 10:30 a.m. in Room 15A.

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