CE Pro Video Q&A: How ADT Dealer Program Keeps Growing After 20 Years

ADT Dealer Program allows members pricing flexibility (up or down) in installation as well as for monthly monitoring fees. Also, adding partners like Nest and Ring, along with electronic contracts, have bolstered dealer base.


The vaunted ADT Dealer Program just celebrated its 20th year of creating cash flow to integrators.

So how does the program keep from getting stale?

Constant innovation and listening to the needs of its members, according to  Jim Vogel, senior vice president at ADT. The partnership element is so vital to the program that Vogel refers to dealer members as “investors.” 

“It's an opportunity for these trusted investors to be part of the most recognized name in security and home automation,” he says, noting that services expand beyond just intrusion and fire to include surveillance, CO detection, flood detection and more. Vogel says the company's clear and unambiguous strategy is to grow.

“We have just completed our ninth consecutive quarter of year over year growth, so we are real excited about the opportunities.”

One reason for the growth is that ADT revised its multiples strategy about two-and-a-half years ago so that payouts are more beneficial for new entries into the program, as well as to long-standing dealer members.

Those changes allow members of the ADT Dealer Program to change the equipment installation price, as well as the price charged for the monthly monitoring, up or down within a limited range.  

Other new innovations include adding partners like Nest and Ring, as well as setting up electronic contracts for dealers to use. Vogel also outlines the differences betwee the ADT Dealer Program and the ADT Direct Custom Home Services program. 

But don't just take Vogel's word for it. Here is a video from Eric and Lisa Armstrong of All In One Security. They are a husband-and-wife team that describe the benefits of being in the program and how it helps them run their security business.