CE Pro Action News Team Special CEDIA 2017 Preview

CE Pro Action News Team of editors will be scouring CEDIA 2017 for the latest news and products.


Are you ready San Diego for the CE Pro Action News Team?

The CE Pro Action News Team’s journalists will be making their official debut at CEDIA 2017, looking for all the latest waterbeds, shag carpeting and smart home technology at the show, which takes place from September 6-10 at the San Diego Convention Center.

The CE Pro Action News Team will be moving up down every aisle among the 496 exhibitors at the show. Breaking news, product demos and industry trends will all be in the purview of our slew of reporters.

New for CE Pro this year, the Action News Team will be doing live in-person video interviews in the CE Pro Booth 2420 all day on the first day of exhibits, Thursday, September 7. These exclusive interviews with industry leaders will be done by anchorman Jace Knott, web editor Chels Cafiero and senior editor Roberto Archer. Integrators are invited to come watch the interviews live on stage.

Meanwhile, www.cepro.com will be featuring a special month-long spotlight on CEDIA 2017 starting on August 15. The spotlight will have exclusive news, special Q&A's and even a look at “hidden gem” booths that are new to the show.

Also, at 5 p.m. on September 7, the trophies for the CE Pro BEST Awards @ CEDIA will be presented in the booth. Free beer and wine will be served.

The CE Pro Action News Team’s Shawn-toe Bin is also available to help vendors get into the special CE Pro CEDIA Scoop publication. This special publication is only distributed at the show, and released electronically on the first day of exhibits, so all embargoes are maintained.  

“Stay Classy CE Pros.”