CasaTunes Boasts ‘Best Solution for Whole Home Music Control by RTI’

CasaTunes, maker of multiroom audio systems for the home-technology channel, adds new features for controlling through music through RTI home automation systems.


CasaTunes has added new features that enhance integration between its whole-house audio streamers and RTI home automation systems:

  • 'Joining': Dealers can set up simple pages with button images that display what is playing in another room using cover art, song titles or music services such as Spotify and TuneIn. The customer can click on the button and automatically connect to the same stream.
  • Advanced Events: Dealers can change the UI based on a multitude of events, such as when a stream starts or stops playing, a source is changed, AirPlay starts up in a room, the last room turns off, the first room turns on, etc.
  • Deep Links: Dealers can set up buttons to take their customers directly to a list of items within a music service or even a sub-menu of a service. For example, a dealer can create a button that displays all of the local radio stations from TuneIn’s “Local Radio” sub-menu.
  • More Functions per Room: Dealers now can create controls for rooms that are not currently selected. For example, the dealer can create a page of volume sliders so that the customer can quickly change volume in any room of the house without having to change the client’s selected room.
  • Auto Turn-on: CasaTunes can now turn on a room’s power automatically when a source is changed or a room is selected.

CasaTunes can control up to eight of RTI's AD-8x audio distribution systems (without the need for an RTI AD-64 driver), creating what the company says is “the best solution for whole home music control by RTI.”

CasaTunes also works with home automation systems from Control4, Roomie Remote, On Controls, Key Digital Compass and URC.