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AVAD Carries S2 Line of Savant Products; Exclusive Distribution Deal

Just in time delivery, tech support, design services offered for AVAD’s new exclusive vendor partnership with Savant.


AVAD has broken new ground by being one of the first distributors to carry a complete product line-up from leading home control manufacturer Savant. For the first time, custom integrators can acquire products in the Savant lineup through a nationwide distribution channel.

“For dealers, the partnership with Savant boils down to greater efficiency,” says AVAD director of sales Gordon Isaac.

“They can order Savant products while they order other products from AVAD, and get the same speedy delivery from one source.” Savant products, as well as customer service and technical support, are available to dealers at AVAD’s regional offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

For clarification, AVAD dealers will have access to Savant’s S2-based solutions only—and AVAD will also keep the full line of Savant products in stock in their locations for authorized integrators who need fast access to inventory.

AVAD Support Services Included 

In addition to a streamlining the process of acquiring Savant product, AVAD provides dealers with a broad range of support services for the Savant line. At no charge, dealers can access AVAD’s new cloud-based configuration and management software, Savant Central Management and Savant Studio.

AVAD says this element of the Savant distribution partnership lets dealers deploy system configuration and settings directly from an iPad.

Moreover, dealers receive alerts to their iPads whenever a service issue arises. They can respond in a timely manner and resolve the problem remotely.

Access to the cloud-based software is permission-based, so clients have the peace of mind that their Savant systems are secure from a breach.  

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AVAD’s 20 locations, which have all received comprehensive training from Savant, will display and stock Savant products as well as provide support from system design to help expand and bundle solutions. Savant will also be participating in AVAD’s 1-2-3 Rewards Program. 

“Savant is recognized throughout the consumer electronics and custom installation industry for their luxury, award-winning control solutions,” says Jon Zabel, vice president of sales and vendor management for AVAD.

“We’re pleased to announce our strategic partnership including a successful pilot program of the Savant Central Management and Savant Studio with many of our dealers. Our strong presence in the marketplace positions Savant with an extensive customer reach throughout North America.”

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Lisa Montgomery:

Lisa Montgomery has been a member of the CE Pro and Electronic House editorial teams for nearly 20 years; most of that time as the Editor of Electronic House. With a knack for explaining complex high-tech topics in terms that average consumers can understand, her style of writing resonates with people who are interested in adding electronic systems to their homes, but are unsure of the steps involved and the solutions available. From basic lighting control systems to full-blown automation systems, Lisa understands the home electronics market well, and is able to point consumers in the right direction on their quest for a smarter, more convenient, efficient and enjoyable home.

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