Audio Gear Group Reports Record Sales in Q1 Despite Coronavirus Impact

While Audio Gear Group has seen a drop in commercial project activity, products like outdoor speakers and subwoofers are helping the company thrive during difficult times.


Audio Gear Group, the manufacturer and distributor of integration brands like OSD Audio, OSD Black, M&K, and Carver, bucked downward trends in consumer spending due to the coronavirus and recently announced record Q1 sales for 2020.

Although the company was prepared for a reduction in orders, CEO Dave Chai was thrilled to report to his staff a notable jump in residential revenue.

“With the shelter in place mandates, people are understandably looking for affordable ways to enhance their home entertainment systems,” says Chai.

“No staff have been laid off, although there are some who are working remotely, and we instituted strict health and safety measures to protect team members who cannot work from home.”

According to Chai, AGG has weathered more than one storm, who says historically the company does well when budgets are tight due to their attractive price points and broad range of whole-house audio products.

While AGG has seen a drop in commercial project activity, the increased demand for their residential products in major product categories like outdoor audio is also helping Audio Gear Group not only weather another storm, but thrive in the process.

“Our outdoor speakers are doing particularly well, with rocks and outdoor subwoofers leading the way,” he says. “We want to share good news during a difficult time and thank our customers who are no doubt enjoying great sound at home.”