Apollo Enclosures Introduces New Digital Signage PRO Line of All-Weather Enclosures

The lowest cost ultra-bright outdoors digital signage solution designed for stadiums, theme parks, outdoor malls, restaurants and bars, and more.

More and more, we are slowly watching every outdoor static sign being replaced with a digital message. In a world of fast-paced technology growth and consistent upgrades and changes, you want to invest in a trend of lifting the user experience and buyer behavior to the next level to obtain that competitive edge.

Apollo Enclosures, the leading manufacturer of outdoor LED enclosures and accessories, is expanding its commercial market offering with the introduction of their all-weather outdoor digital signage PRO Line. The new commercial-grade enclosures are designed to house and protect ultra-bright displays for use in digital signage solutions. The Pro Line is comprised of Models DS5550, a 55” enclosure that houses 50- to 55-inch displays, and Model DS6560, a 65” enclosure that houses 60- to 65-inch displays. Both models are available in portrait and landscape orientations. PRO Line 55-65. The enclosures are available immediately, retailing at $1,995 and $2,195 MSRP, respectively. Apollo will have the DS5550 on display in the June 2017 Infocomm Show, Booth 2435, which runs from June 14-16, 2017.

“We’ve seen a definite uptick in the interest of high-bright outdoor digital signage applications; however, often times the expense of the available outdoor display technology is more than the customer can afford or has been willing to pay.” says Lynn Stearn, president of Apollo Enclosures. “Since you don’t want to put money behind something that will be obsolete tomorrow, installing a state-of-the-art, Ultra-bright display in an Apollo DS enclosure provides the best outdoor DS solution with better pricing and easier service or future upgrades, providing peace from obsolescence from the get go, compared to competitive solutions.”

Apollo’s PRO Line enclosures are engineered with the company’s proprietary all-weather outdoor feature set that incorporates a sleek modern style with durable function. Constructed with a powder coated aluminum housing, the PRO line enclosure is engineered with a 5-fan filtered air-flow system to accommodate the higher temperature of the ultra-bright displays and safeguards the displays in temperatures of -4 degrees (-20 degrees C) to 122 degrees F (50 degrees C). An anti-reflective safety glass further protects the display, and improves contrast while significantly reducing ambient reflection.

Apollo’s Tight-SealTM technology securely seals the enclosure and protects the display from rain, dirt, and insects; and the cable connections to the TV inputs and outputs are shielded with a water-tight cable cover.

A 9-foot outdoor-rated power cord provides the necessary safety for power in the outdoor environment. Also included in our design is the option for easy hardwire hookup for both power and signal.

The E-Z mount interior TV brackets simplify the TV installation, provides easy access to peripheral equipment, convenient cable management and TV replacement or repairs.

The enclosure provides three internal outlets; one for the fans, one for the display and one auxiliary for media players, baluns or other electronic components. There is also an 8” x 9” expanded media compartment cover to house media players up to 2.75” deep.

Available accessories include a thermostatically controlled heater module for areas of high humidity or where temperatures dip below 0°F; modesty frames for framing smaller size TV’s in the enclosures; and three designer colors upgrades (Silver, Metallic Sandstone, and White). A selection of all-weather mounts with stainless steel hardware is also available.

Additionally, Apollo provides the Elite Line of enclosures that are engineered to house and protect LED/LCD slimline TVs. This series includes 5 popular sizes that fit TVs from 39- to 75-inches. For information about Apollo’s entire line of products and accessories, visit www.apolloenc.com.

Class-Leading Safety Standards

And now, Apollo’s entire line of all-weather outdoor TV enclosures are certified to meet UL/CSA safety standards for outdoor use. The MET mark is accepted throughout the United States and Canada.

About Apollo Enclosures

Apollo’s environmental TV enclosures are designed for installation in consumer (patio, backyard) or commercial (stadiums, arenas, restaurants, hotels, theme parks) applications. Apollo products are offered through a network of Authorized Resellers. To inquire about becoming an Authorized Reseller, contact Apollo Enclosures at 888- 414-5919, or visit the Reseller Inquiry page at www.apolloenc.com/resellers.html.