Amplify Your Clients’ Outdoor Sound Experience

Make it a “Summer of Sound” with ultra-broad dispersion speakers that take patio parties to the next level.

When you think of summer, entertaining outdoors is often synonymous. Many homeowners will spend countless hours prepping their outdoor spaces with the best landscaping, the perfect lighting, comfortable seating, and an ideal ambiance that creates an entertainment oasis for friends and family to congregate. 

But entertaining in the outdoors extends past just an aesthetically-pleasing setting. To really create an awe-worthy space, you must fill it with music. Let’s be honest, nothing else says summer like a favorite playlist streaming, a drink in the hand, and grub on the grill. 

That’s where you, the CE professional—and a killer audio system—comes in to play. (Pun intended.)

The problem with today’s outdoor sound experience is that typical outdoor speakers are oftentimes pre-wired onto the outside eves of the house and have directional sound that points only to specific areas in the yard. To hear the music, you have to crank it up—thus creating obnoxiously loud sound for those near the speakers and obtrusive sound to nearby neighbors. In addition, the average 60-degree dispersion offered by most landscape speakers creates peaks and valleys through the sound so either the volume has to be turned up, or more speakers must be added. 
Now consider the alternative. Ultra-broad dispersion speakers, like Garden Array from Triad, provide an innovative acoustic design that delivers music at a consistent level with high-quality, beautiful sound that blankets all of the most important places in a client’s yard, patio, pool, flower beds, and garden areas. The coverage is 150 degrees which is nearly double compared to many other brands, and with a subwoofer that is designed for either above or below-ground installations, the deep, vibrant bass can be located anywhere it is desired. 


Assume that you were able to “see” sound. If a speaker has 60-degree dispersion, the sound doesn’t quite overlap. Speakers with 150-degree dispersion allow for a more even sound that covers a greater area, even when set at lower sound levels. 


What does this mean for the homeowner? Music is delivered with pristine quality and with a more balanced sound. Friends and family can enjoy the music just how it was intended to sound, without it overpowering conversations or annoying the neighborhood. 

Better yet, the Garden Array speakers are designed to be elegant but nearly disappear into the landscape—blending perfectly into flowerbeds and yards—and are built to take the abuse from even the most strenuous of weather conditions; rain and snow, hot to cold, dry or humid, and just about anything in between. 

When combined with a smart home system, you can take the outdoor audio experience one step further for your customers. A touch of a button can instantly fire up a streaming playlist on their speakers, another tap can skip a song, while another can immediately turn up or down the volume as needed. They can even give musical control to a guest via a handheld device or tabletop touch screen. You’ll even have the ability to tie their music to the lights under the gazebo, on various pathways, or throughout the yard to make their oasis that more enjoyable and aesthetically-pleasing. 

For more information on creating an unsurpassed outdoor entertainment experience, visit Control4 and Triad Speakers.