Alula Wi-Fi Alarm Communicator Works with Honeywell, DSC and GE/Caddx Alarm Panels

The flexible Alula BAT WIFI Alarm Communicator is a solution that can be used to provide a means of protecting security systems against future cellular sunsets.


Helping custom integrators and security professionals keep pace with the ever-changing technologies in the electronics industry is the Alula BAT WIFI Alarm Communicator. 

Alula says that its latest product solution is a universal, dual-path Internet alarm communicator that is engineered to provide the integration industry with a cost-effective communication device that can be used for system takeovers and analog system upgrades. 

The Alula BAT WIFI Alarm Communicator incorporates IP alarm technologies, along with provisions to help integrators remotely service system installations. 

According to the U.S company, which has offices in St. Paul, Minn. and Houston Texas, the BAT WIFI Alarm Communicator employs the latest remote panel programming capabilities, and the ability to support panels from top companies including Honeywell, DSC and GE/Caddx.

Helping to support the BAT WIFI Alarm Communicator's system flexibility is the device's built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity options, as well as its ability to help protect system owners' investment into their security systems by guarding against future cellular sunsets. 

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The product is designed to install quickly and easily, and the company offers a companion app that's available on Apple iOS and Android to arm and disarm the device while on the go. 

In addition, users can receive event notifications via text/push, email, and digital voice calls to ensure they are kept up-to-date with system happenings. 

Alula Alarm Communicator Specifications 

  • Wi-Fi 802.11bg (mixed mode)
  • External 12-volt DC power
  • Wi-Fi security protocols support using a choice of WPA WPAII and WEP code
  • Companion app for Apple iOS and Android
  • Remote programming capabilities
  • Event notifications 
  • Works with a variety of security panels 
  • Hardwired Ethernet connections