Access Networks Names Bryce Nordstrand as New CEO

After 8 years as Chief Sales Officer, Bryce Nordstrand takes the helm as Access Networks CEO; founder Hagai Feiner will act as president.


After nearly two decades at the helm, Access Networks founder Hagai Feiner is handing over the reins as CEO to Bryce Nordstrand.

Previously Access Networks chief sales officer, Nordstrand has become a well-known entity at the company and in the custom integration industry. His previous experience with his own custom installation company has enabled him to tackle the ever-changing home network market with high enthusiasm, a profound understanding of the networking industry, and a firm grasp of integrators’ needs. 

“Bryce has demonstrated ownership in everything he has done. He exhibited a unique ability to understand and service our clientele, while also bringing our team together and paving a path into a relevant future for Access Networks,” says Feiner.

“Bryce has taken every challenge on our path to growth in stride, making bold plans for Access Networks’ future while showing strong leadership. With Bryce leading, we’ll continue growing and exploring new opportunities. I’m so proud of what he, and the company, have accomplished.”

Feiner to Pursue His Passion

As Nordstrand assumes the CEO role, Feiner will transition into his new role as president and retain his position on the executive board, helping to guide the company. Meanwhile, the transition allows Feiner to pursue his longtime passion in design, architecture and real estate.

“I wanted to study architecture at Santa Monica City College but my dad put the kibosh on that,” he recalls. Instead, Feiner pursued his degree in computer science. “But architecture and design have always been my passion,” he notes.

“Naming Bryce CEO was the easiest large decision I have ever made.”

— Hagai Feiner, Access Networks

Feiner actually was able to ply that passion somewhat at Access Networks back in 2018 when the company expanded beyond its Southern California headquarters to open an East Coast office in Easton, Pa. The facility was a reclamation project for Feiner, who spent 18 months redeveloping the three-story exposed brick-and beam site that once housed a church and a laundry business for 132 years into a hip office location.

“That renovation re-ignited my passion for real estate,” says Feiner.  Nordstrand’s ascendance will allow him to explore that fervor for design and architecture in new projects.

“Naming Bryce CEO was the easiest large decision I have ever made,” he chuckles. “He and I are very much aligned. We usually come to the same conclusions. He always thinks like an owner, which I love. It was a natural transition.  He understands our clients better than everyone.”

Nordstrand notes, “My focus has always been on the nuts and bolts side of things. I know how to get things done… I have always done that even as my first job as a paperboy.”

He continues, “Our goal to bring the highest quality network solutions to the finest homes in the world is just beginning to evolve. We have products, services and solutions in our development pipeline that will continue to change the competitive landscape and provide more opportunities for our committed dealer partners. This is a very exciting time for our company and for the industry at large.” 

That exciting time to which Nordstrand is referring is in reference to Access Networks having revenue growth and client satisfaction levels that it has never experienced before. The pandemic certainly fueled an increased focus on the value of enterprise-grade networks for home office and distance-learning applications.

The renovation of Access Networks’ East Coast office in Easton, Pa., helped reignite Hagai Feiner’s passion for design, architecture and real estate.

Other key internal promotions come alongside Nordstrand’s appointment, allowing Access Networks to harness the team’s knowledge and maintain its exemplary level of personal customer service while strengthening its core business operations and product development. Alesia Hendley has been promoted from Associate Sales Engineer to Sales Engineer; Ira Bruyere has been promoted from Logistics Manager to Director of Logistics and Brandon Hubbard has been promoted from Senior Web Developer to Director of Web Development. 

Additionally, the marketing team gets a boost with the addition of Kelly Perkins as Digital Marketing Manager. Hendley and Perkins bring a level of knowledge and experience from the commercial industry to help strengthen Access Networks’ presence in this market as the company gears up for a big commercial push later this year. 

Stepping Aside, Not Going Away

In a letter to Access Network’s integrator clients titled “Stepping Aside, Not Going Away,” Feiner wrote:

After nearly two decades of being at the helm of Access Networks, it is time for me to step aside and hand over the proverbial baton to my capable front-runner. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been part of our journey as a team. Seeing Access grow from a local “one-man show” with a grand vision to the near fifty-strong multinational operation we are today fills my heart with joy. I have met so many of you and learned a lot in this time period, in moments both high and low. And through it all, in every single step, our team spirit carried us forward. And while every single one of our team members has helped shape our business and grow our abilities, one individual has risen to the top. Showing his leadership, friendship and emotional intelligence, Bryce Nordstrand demonstrates traits and qualities that serve as an inspiration to our entire team.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce Bryce’s promotion to Chief Executive Officer of Access Networks. Over his eight-year tenure with Access, Bryce has demonstrated ownership in everything he has done. He exhibited a unique ability to understand and service our clientele, doing so while also bringing our team together and paving a path into a relevant future for Access Networks. Two years ago, at our first ever all-hands meeting in Los Angeles, I made a personal decision to award Bryce with an award I fondly called “The Atlas Award”. I named it so because it was clear to me that Bryce had been carrying the weight of the “Access Networks world” on his shoulders. Indeed, this is a heavy burden to bear and one that grows as our company grows. Bryce has never complained about this burden, always taking on the challenge with stride, making bold plans for our future. Bryce continues to show leadership, taking on more projects and initiatives, growing our team and developing others.

As Bryce assumes the CEO role, I will transition into my new role as president. I look forward to continuing and serve my team in whatever capacity they need. I will also retain my position on the executive team so that I am continuously involved in discussions and decisions that influence and shape our future. Bryce’s promotion will allow me to also focus on a side-hustle turned small business. More about this in a separate announcement. And at the same time, know I do plan on taking some actual time off, setting my cell phone aside and taking a GPS phone with me on the overlanding trail across America.  

I want to pause and thank you for your continued support of Access Networks. Bryce is an outstanding leader and a dear friend, and I am certain you will enjoy his leadership with this new transition.

Nordstrand communicated to Access Networks’ client base with a similar message, noting:

As I reflect back over my time at Access Networks and think about how the company has grown, I am humbled to be a part of such an incredible team that continues to strive and thrive.

When I decided to join Access Networks, I was running an integration company and still own that company to this day with my wife, Kim. Although she runs that company and has done so for many years, I continue to use those real-world experiences to fuel Access Networks’ solutions and guide our commitment to our dealer partners. I am thankful and blessed that she agreed to this and has given me the chance to prosper in my responsibilities at Access Networks. I embrace them in the only way I know how, by taking ownership through my actions and my passion.

From my first job as a paper delivery boy, to my days in car audio, to my current position at Access Networks, taking pride and ownership in my responsibilities, and belief that I can do anything I set my mind to has continuously lead me to be my own best in any situation. Am I, always right? Absolutely not. Do I make mistakes? Absolutely. Learning from mistakes, listening to our team and our partners, being a part of something bigger and doing what’s best for you and everyone around you always yields the best result.

As I look into the future and think about what Access Networks is and what it could be, I am honored to take on my new role as CEO to help guide this vessel through the continuation of our journey. The team we have built and that I am now surrounded with is quite literally the finest bunch of human beings I have ever been associated with. Their drive, capability, resourcefulness, and evolution are what makes this so enjoyable. I never dread going to work the next day, I only cherish it because I want to see what happens next.

Our goal to bring the highest quality network solutions to the finest homes in the world is just beginning to evolve. We have products, services, and solutions in our development pipeline that will continue to change the competitive landscape and provide more opportunities for our committed dealer partners. We will continue to listen to our partner’s feedback and relish those conversations as a path to do better, get better and be better.

Lastly, I want to thank Hagai for providing me this opportunity and trusting me to do the right thing. When you know in your heart that you are capable and someone else holds the key to your goals and success, take that chance and make the ask. You may just get what you asked for and have every opportunity you want.

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