2015 CE Pro Masters Revealed

In our selections for 15 ‘unsung heroes’ of the industry, these veterans have distinguished themselves over many years of notable service.


There's probably no better adrenaline rush than fame, at least to those of us for whom it isn’t a constant part of our lives. Back in 1968, Andy Warhol predicted that in the future everyone would have his or her 15 minutes of fame. And he was singling out just television as his frame of reference.

Fast forward to the present and I’d bet a can of his Campbell’s soup (Millennials, you can Google it) that with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and the rest of all social media that Warhol would up our individual limelight time to at least an hour.

We’re pretty certain the 40 past inductees into the CE Pro Masters have experienced much more than just an hour of the spotlight, because they’ve told us so. This vaunted group has also provided us some terrific nominees for this year’s class as well as future consideration … as have you, the loyal and thoughtful CE Pro community.

So, we give you the new CE Pro Masters Class of 2015. Congratulations to all 15 new members.

About the Author

Chuck Schneider
Chuck Schneider:

Chuck Schneider is a freelance writer with a long history in consumer electronics. He started and restarted his award-winning manufacturer’s representative firm - Value Added Marketing - and was also a vice president and general merchandise manager for a multi-regional CE chain, as well as a buyer for Lechmere's (a division of Target). Today, he is a freelance writer.