WilsonPro’s New Pro 1050 is First FCC-Approved Inline Cellular Signal Booster

WilsonPro claims its new new Pro 1050 Inline Cellular Amplifier System is the first inline cellular booster system approved by the FCC and wireless carriers.


The popular cell-phone booster manufacturer WilsonPro has announced its new Pro 1050 Cellular Amplifier System, which the company says is the first inline product to be approved by the FCC and wireless carriers.

According to the company the Pro 1050 is the “only passive distributed antenna system (DAS),” and it is designed to provide integrators with a more cost effective cell signal booster solution.  

The Pro 1050 includes a unique dual-amplifier design that compensates for cell signal loss over long lengths of cable. 

“WilsonPro's powerful passive cellular boosters are the only solutions that give business the benefits of an active DAS without the high cost or lengthy implementation,” states Bruce Lancaster, CEO, Wilson Electronics. “The Pro 1050 goes one step further to minimize lost cell signal along a cable run to ensure a strong, uninterrupted cell signal thorughout the entire building. Strong cell signal is essential for a company's overall efficiency and effectiveness and WilsonPro strives to create effective products tat a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.”

WilsonPro Pro 1050 Works in Residential & Commercial Settings

The St. George, Utah-based company explains the Pro 1050 amplifies weak cell signals to provide users with reliable voice and data coverage that includes 4G LTE. 

Integrators can implement the Pro 1050 in environments such as hotels, hospitals and retail spaces for commercial applications, and residential applications that includes large homes. 

WilsonPro points out the Pro 1050's dual-amplification configuration solves the issue of signal loss over long cable runs. The two-amp design features a main amplifier and a secondary inline amplifier that together determine the amount of signal loss and boost the signal appropriately to compensate for losses up to 300 feet of cable.

WilsonPro claims the system improves signal loss to make it up to 32 times stronger to increase network speed and reliability. In addition, the “self-optimizing” design enables integrators to quickly install the system to save time and money when compared to active DAS solutions.

Simultaneously boosting all the signals from North American cellular networks, the Pro 1050 also features eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR) technology. WilsonPro says that through its XDR technology, the Pro 1050 won't overpower and shutdown no matter what the signal strength is from outside cellular signals. 

The Pro 1050 also incorporates cell-site protection that detects and prevents any cell tower interference. 

“The WilsonPro 1050 is a fantsatic new tool in our toolset for passive DAS deployments,” adds Sina Khanifar, CEO and co-founder of RepeaterStore. “This unique inline amplifier design allows us greater flexibility and better signal performace, and is particularly in buildings with longer cable runs or where outdoor signal is weaker.”

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