Rich Green Ink Installs RoseWater Energy Management HUB

Rich Green, owner of Rich Green Ink, reflects on his experience with RoseWater Energy Group and its Energy Management HUB. See the updated HUB at CEDIA 2016.


Rosewater Energy Group, a provider of next-generation energy management and integration products, is pleased to announce the latest installation of a RoseWater Energy Management HUB, organized by Rich Green, owner of Rich Green Ink in Palo Alto, Calif.

Rich’s northern California customer resides in a wooded area where falling tree limbs wreak havoc with local power lines creating frequent power outages, making the RoseWater Energy Management Hub a prime solution.

The customer was truly dependent on power within his home, where he runs day-to-day operations for his business, and has invested quite a bit into sensitive electronics throughout his property. The RoseWater Energy Management HUB conditions all power before transmitting it throughout the home, removing the chance for surges and sags in power.

When asked why Rich was drawn to the RoseWater Energy Management HUB as a solution, Rich says, “The elegance of one system to rule them all. With proper design and engineering of emergency load panels and sufficient back up power, which RoseWater is uniquely qualified to deliver, any kind of power anomaly from the grid or local generation is held at bay. The homeowner has no sense of power interruption when it occurs ahead of the RoseWater system. The other benefit, which is huge, is that Rosewater delivers laboratory-grade pure sine wave power with negligible distortion on the line. This benefits all manner of sensitive electronics downstream on the Rosewater circuits.”

The Energy Management HUB, a recently named CEDIA ‘Best New Product’ finalist, was engineered to fit the needs of Rich’s client, who was interested in additional energy storage capabilities. RoseWater Energy Group developed the Extra Battery Pack (EBP), a supplemental battery for HUB owners looking for additional power. EBP, now a carbon based configuration, includes an extra battery pack that doubles the energy storage capability available in one 28 kWH HUB.

“The systems have been up for about two months without a single incident,” says Green. “They work perfectly. Frankly, [the client] is delighted that he doesn’t have to worry about power outages anymore. Disturbances on the local grid are completely invisible to him and his staff.”

“Joe Piccirilli has built a world-class team of industry experts in the field of power back up and management systems,” says Green. “His personal involvement along with the rock-solid support of Gunther (Paul) Greiner, who represents the product in this area, gave me all the confidence I needed to move forward with the proposal. I can confidently recommend RoseWater HUB to any home owner who has issues with power consistency and quality. It is an expensive, design intensive undertaking but well worth the effort long-term.”

To view the entire Q&A with Rich Green, visit RoseWater’s News section. RoseWater’s Energy Management HUB will be on display in booth #6610 at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, Texas from September 15th – 17th, 2016.

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