Luxul’s Epic Series Routers Empower Professional Integrators

The all-new Luxul Epic series router offers integrators a platform for delivering a superior user experience and building recurring revenue.

The network is the foundation on which modern entertainment, security, control and automation systems are built. The new Epic series of routers from Luxul are designed to help integration professionals build that foundation and deliver a great customer experience.

The router is a critical piece of every network—connecting a local network to the Internet, controlling traffic and providing security. With the release of its new Epic series, Luxul has redefined the router, adding capabilities that make it far more than just a traditional router.

In addition to being high-performing commercial-grade routers, the Epic series offers a platform for optimizing the user experience in smart homes, workplaces, retail establishments and more. This experience is delivered through Luxul and third-party applications running on the Epic platform, the first of which is enhanced content filtering from Router Limits. Additional applications, including Domotz remote network management and support tools and Luxul’s award-winning Roam-Assist™ wireless controller technology are planned for future development. These advanced features can be implemented at the integrator’s discretion, making Epic routers an outstanding platform for delivering world-class support and services to their customers. The applications also offer the perfect base upon which to build recurring revenue.

Epic routers are available in two basic configurations: The Epic 4 Series and the Epic 5 Series. The Epic 4 Series is designed to offer a solid 600+ Mbps WAN to LAN performance experience, while the Epic 5 is designed for higher-end installations relying on a fiber connection offering a full gigabit per second. If you have used Luxul ABR/XBR-4400 routers in the past, you will be blown away by both the performance and capabilities of the new Epic series. As always, performance is dependent upon ISP bandwidth, but no longer is the router a bottleneck to internet performance.

The Epic 4 series offers two different options: A more traditional design with ports on the front, and one tailored for the AV installer with ports on the back and user-selectable blue/green LED lights on the front. Both Epic 4 routers are available now. The Epic 5 is available only with ports on the back, and will be on distributors’ shelves by the end of June. All Epic series routers offer multi-WAN capability with Auto Failover and Load Balancing between WAN ports, VLAN, VPN, QoS, and plenty of security.

As a commercial integrator, what you really care about is simple installation, high-quality and cost-effective hardware, good dealer-focused support when you need it, a vendor who cares about your success, and happy customers that won’t need expensive follow-up service calls.

With robust performance, installation flexibility, and innovative features that make it so much more than a router, the Epic series offers an ideal platform for building the ultimate residential or commercial network.

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