Is Your Structured Wiring Unit at its Peak Performance?

How to avoid extraneous components and a cluttered structured wiring cabinet.

A central structured wiring unit is the make or break system of the entire home. With the right products and an organized design, the household will enjoy seamless video and data distribution devoid of glitches and blips. Traditionally, installers stick with a reliable vendor, with solutions they’ve used for 5+ years—and who can blame them? No one wants to end up with a slew of defective products and frustrated homeowners. Yet technology is ever-changing, and requires constant consideration to ensure that you're using products at the forefront of the industry.

Channel Vision merges 23 years of structured wiring experience with a keen eye for industry trends to provide the most relevant—and cost-effective—products. The company offers the largest selection of enclosures on the market all backed by a ten year guaranteed warranty.

The new enclosure combo kits are pre-loaded with phone, data and video distribution modules. These packages are designed to include all components necessary to install a stable wiring “backbone,” while giving residents the flexibility to expand or make modifications in the future. For a low-cost and easy to install solution, Channel Vision’s 4 x 4 x 4 Combo Distribution module (C-0244) and 12” plastic enclosure (C-0113M) provides data, telephone and cable TV distribution in one compact hub. The plastic enclosure includes a cover and offers a lightweight alternative to traditional metal enclosures.

For the month of June, Channel Vision is offering its 12” Enclosure Combo Kits at nearly 50% off. The kit includes a 12” enclosure, pre-loaded with a  4 x 7 telephone distribution module (C-0478), CAT5 or CAT6 data patch panel (C-0575 or C-0538) and an 8-way high frequency RF splitter (C-0238). For more information on this limited time offer or other structured wiring packages, please contact a Channel Vision representative at 714.424.6500 or go online at