CEDIA Expo Design + Connection: Danby Shows Off Smart & Stylish Appliances

At the CEDIA Expo 2019 Design + Connection Pavilion, Danby Appliances will highlight its solutions for traditional items like compact refrigerators and AC units to beverage centers, microwaves and niche offerings such as home herb growers and smart mailboxes.

CEDIA Expo Design + Connection: Danby Shows Off Smart & Stylish Appliances

For the second year, CEDIA Expo is welcoming architects, interior designers, kitchen and bath specialists and other non-traditional attendees to the show as part of its Design + Connection Tours, which were a hit in their debut last year in San Diego.

This year, attendees can find exhibitors in the Design + Connection Pavilion (booth #1960) and at booths along the tours, which will be led by Jamie Briesemeister of St. Louis-based Integration Controls and Peter Cook of Automation Design + Entertainment in Kalamazoo, Mich.

For a sneak peek at some of the Pavilion exhibitors integrators might not be as familiar with as, say, Design + Connection Tours sponsors that include Control4Salamander and Samsung, CE Pro reached out to a few participants.

Heading into the Expo, Kristen Murphy, marketing trade show specialist, Danby Appliances (booth #1563A), gives us a glimpse of what that company is about – and why designers and integrators should be excited about adding high-tech appliances to their portfolio.

What’s the elevator pitch about the company, including aspects that integrators should find compelling?

Danby is one of North America’s leading manufacturer/distributors of compact appliances such as microwaves, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners.

The company has been offering stylish and innovative products at reasonable prices for over 70 years.

What are some differentiators in what you’re doing compared with applicable competitors in the space?

Danby continually strives to bring desirable and unique products to market. Their product innovation and quality makes them a leader in their product categories.

Danby is committed to providing superior, reliable products, as well as attentive and timely customer support and service. Their dedication to both form and function has given them a competitive edge that consumers are looking for – Danby pays attention to styling, design and details while simultaneously delivering trustworthy products.

What can visitors to the booth expect to see at the CEDIA Expo booth, in terms of products, specific demos, anything else of note?

Danby is thrilled to be displaying their newly released Parcel Guard – the world’s first smart mailbox. Parcel Guard (left) keeps your packages safe until you get home. No more worrying about package theft, missed deliveries or weather damaged boxes.

The booth will also feature a line of Danby’s stylishly designed products, including a wine cooler, bar fridge and outdoor compact refrigerator.

What are the top 1-2 takeaways for designers and integrators to glean from visiting with the company during CEDIA Expo?

Our vision is simple – to create brilliant and inspired appliances designed to fit your space and your every move. We love when a classic and intuitive design surprises with features to keep life organized and easy.

We believe that thoughtful design and affordable prices are always in season.