Wellness, Technology and Design Collide on DesignWELL365

DesignWELL365 is a new venture from CE Pro and its sister publications, and will explore the growing residential and commercial wellness market through the lens of all disciplines of design and technology.


For those of you like me who are science fiction fans, you will recall the 1951 classic movie “When Worlds Collide.” OK, I might be stretching it a bit to call this film a “classic,” but it was pretty cool back in its day. The general premise of the movie is that another planet is going to swoop into the solar system and destroy the Earth, and the plot revolves around a group of scientists who develop a plan to tackle the situation by building spaceships and other solutions versus those who panic in fear not knowing what to do.

Well, right now in the custom electronics industry there are multiple worlds colliding … namely, Design, Technology & Wellness. And, just like in the old movie there are some professionals prepping for the future, while others are just completely ignoring it.

According to our data from the CE Pro Wellness Deep Dive study, only 8% of integrators’ projects over the past 12 months included wellness elements, whether that be human-centric lighting (HCL), indoor air quality (IAQ), water quality management, natural soundscaping, motorized shades tied to an astronomic clock, smart sleep tech, digital art, immersive fitness solutions or something else.

While 8% of projects with wellness elements does not appear to be a lot, the category is just taking hold. Many integrators (and your clients) still do not know the benefits of wellness technology, according to the survey. That lack of wellness education likely carries over into the design community as well. The data also gleaned that the among the most targeted types of installations for any wellness technology are “design-oriented” projects. One top integrator sees wellness as a key area of attraction for high-end, affluent customers.

So if the wellness market is indeed there, how can integrators be ready to make the most from this collision?

Introducing DesignWELL365.com, a new venture from CE Pro and its sister publications in the design and technology fields. As the wellness industry tops $4.3 trillion worldwide, DesignWELL365.com is an online destination exploring the growing residential and commercial wellness market through the lens of all disciplines of design and technology.

The site, along with newsletter, webcasts and downloads, will feature need-to-know and inspiring content curated to arm integrators and designers with the information they need to provide their clients with inventive wellness solutions.

From biophilic design and new concepts, to eco-conscious innovations, DesignWell365 is a one-stop resource for commercial and residential designers, architects, developers, builders, and integrators who are working to elevate and master this important and ever-evolving segment.

In addition to CE Pro, other Emerald sister brands involved are Hospitality Design, Healthcare Design, Environments for Aging, Kitchen & Bath Business, Commercial Integrator and Campus Safety. The site will be a centerpiece for content for events such as the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), Environments for Aging Conference, EdSpaces, HD Conference & Expo, Healthcare Design Expo & Conference (HCD), and, of course, CEDIA Expo.

DesignWELL365.com launched in June of this year. We look forward to bringing a whole new “world” of designers into the smart home technology space via wellness. For more information, go to DesignWELL365.com and subscribe to the newsletter.