CE Pro 100 Integrators Sound Off on Coastal Source Audio, Lighting

Coastal Source landscape lighting and outdoor audio systems are so effective that some CE Pro 100 integrators install them in their own yards.

CE Pro 100 Integrators Sound Off on Coastal Source Audio, Lighting

CE Pro 100 integrator Henry Clifford of Livewire was so impressed with Coastal Source products that he outfitted his own home with its outdoor lighting and audio systems.

Coastal Source has brought new life to the outdoor audio and landscape lighting categories for many integrators. The Moorestown, N.J.-based company’s high-end speakers and durable outdoor light fixtures have solid positions among the CE Pro 100.

In terms of outdoor speakers, Coastal Source is the No. 4 brand in the 2021 CE Pro Brand Analysis Study with 37% of the industry top dealers using its products. Coastal Source’s audio lineup includes its popular Line Source Bollards, 3-Way Ellipse Bollards, 2-Way Ellipse Bollards, Mini Ellipse Bollards, Bollard Subwoofers and Modulus Bullet Speakers.

On the landscape lighting side, Coastal Source is the clear category leader, with 44% of CE Pro 100 integrators using its products. That is more than double any other brand. The company’s outdoor lighting portfolio consists of its Niche Lights, Match Lights, Bullet Lights, Path Lights, Wash Lights, Lip Lights, Well Lights, Step Lights, Tree Lights, Hanging Lights, Nose Lights, and Tiki Torches.

Both the audio and lighting systems from Coastal Source use a proprietary Coastal Connector system that enables technicians to simply twist the connections in place. The company also offers a Design Service to assist integrators.

CE Pro 100 Integrator Installs Coastal Source at His Own Home

One integrator who took advantage of Coastal Source’s design services for his own home is Henry Clifford of Livewire in Richmond, Va.

“The brass fixtures are so well engineered and built that it’s hard to discern that they screw apart at all. There’s no line or indication that many of the fixtures are made up of many pieces. Very impressive. Their connector system also stood out to me as incredibly intuitive and instilled an “I can do this” confidence in me,” he says.

“It took me a few fixtures to get the hang of installation, but it’s pretty easy. You ram a piece of pipe or rod into the ground as a pilot hole, wiggle it around a bit, and put the fixture in. You bash it a few times with a rubber mallet, and that’s it!” he remarks.

“I did the sound upgrade almost as an afterthought to the lighting but was blown away by the difference the new bollard speakers made in terms of presence and powerful low end,” recalls Clifford.

“I have nothing but praise for Coastal Source products and the people who make and specify them. Outdoor lighting appears to be addictive. I’m now finding myself looking at other parts of my yard thinking about more and more lights,” he adds.

Other CE Pro 100 Companies Praise Coastal Source

So what are other CE Pro 100 companies saying about the Coastal Source products and services? Here is a sampling of some of their thoughts.

The entire Coastal Source line has been a pleasure to work with for us as the manufacturer’s attention to quality and detail really shows in all of their products. The ease of installation and quality of the fixtures make this line a home run, especially for our clients with waterfront property.” — Ernie Wohlleben, Architechnology Designs, Melville, N.Y.

“Coastal Source is our go to for all things outdoor audio and lighting. Our clients are blown away by the performance they can get in their backyard. We have had a 100% closing rate when demo’ing the 3-way bollards in a client’s home… never disappoints!” — Joel Hernandez, First Priority Audio, Pompano Beach, Fla.

“We’ve been pivoting hard into the lighting space, and we’ve been super happy with Coastal Source as our go-to outdoor lighting vendor. The people are great, they are very focused on the CI channel, and the products are super functional and durable.” — Bruce Reed, Cloud9 Smart, New York City

“We LOVE Coastal Source!  The finish on the product is outstanding, and the cabling solution is out of this world. It’s so easy to use, my 16-year-old sons installed a whole system.  It looks fabulous and just works, period.”– Mark DiPietro, SoundVision LLC, Mooresville, N.C.
“I not only sell Coastal Source,  but it’s the only option for my pool at home. In a nutshell it’s an audiophile-grade audio system for outside capable of almost concert level volume. I have a wife so I am not always allowed to test what it can do but I sure do like to know it can! — David Huse, Theater Advice, Frisco, Texas

“Coastal Source audio and lighting products are designed and built for harsh weather environments, weather the extreme summer or snow-covered winter. The Coastal Source cables with the proprietary twist lock connects and heavy gauge insulated jacket make for a lifetime of dependability and a service free system. — James Shapiro, Audio Video Intelligence, Easton, Mass.

“World Wide Stereo’s five years of selling Coastal Source has given me such confidence with their bulletproof product, design team, and customer support that I’m installing it on my most important project to date: my own home. I can’t say much more about a product than that.”–  Bob Cole, World Wide Stereo, Hatfield, Pa.