CEDIA Expo Preview: Modulus Media Systems’ M1 Server Goes ‘All In’

Modulus expects to capitalize on the momentum from last year’s CEDIA Expo when it returns with the M1 that acts as a DVR, multi-disc player, audio and video streaming services player, media organizer and storage unit – with an interface that ties everything together for the user.

If you have customers who are looking for that one AV component to “do it all,” you can introduce them to Modulus Media Systems and its supremely compelling M1 media server.

The company, which took home a CE Pro BEST Award in 2018, made a big splash during last year’s CEDIA Expo and is looking forward to sharing its excitement around the product now that it’s been shipping. Modulus can expect plenty of interest while demonstrating the M1 at this year’s booth (#3534) at the Colorado Convention Center during CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver.

“Many integrators saw us at CEDIA last year, or even possibly the year before when we came out and let everyone know that we were here with the coming product,” says Modulus president and CEO Steve Schulz.

“It’s an amazingly sophisticated product, but we actually are ready, we’re shipping, you can make it real. … There is nothing on the market like us.”

It’s a bold proclamation, but one that Schulz and his team back up with a litany of features for which it deems the M1 “the first all-in-one system” for AV consumers – and one he notes had at least one integrator tell him was going to make a difference in his home theater business more than any other product on the show floor.

Serving Up Anything and Everything

In a nutshell, Modulus brings together the capabilities of a DVR, Blu-ray/DVD/CD player, 4K UHD compatibility, networked movie server, streaming video and music player and personal media organizer all from the same input. Users can pack in as much media as they can with the unit’s 20TB worth of storage.

“We’re very proud that we have three patents. There’s a lot of innovation in this product,” Schulz notes. “One of the things we’re very proud about, and very excited about, is being the world’s first and only DVR for the streaming age, for cord-cutters and for everything.

“The ability to be a DVR for streaming where you can record and save and organize content from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu – any of the streaming video apps and also any of the streaming audio and music apps [e.g. Spotify], we can record any of that,” he explains. “So that’s a really unique feature, and again we have the patent on that.”

Another feature Modulus will show integrators is, as part of its easy-to-use navigation, a new “Collections” view that organizes and unifies items from all of the traditionally disparate sources, whether it’s streaming, cable, OTA, music and more.

Plus the remote is voice-activated for users to speak commands and queries to bring up what they want to watch or hear.