McIntosh “For the Love of Music” Podcast: Gregory Porter

The third episode of the McIntosh podcast features the singer and songwriter Gregory Porter.

McIntosh‘s “for the love of music …” podcast series presented by Talkhouse features Gregory Porter, one of the most iconic names in popular jazz and soul.

Porter has been using his powerful baritone on both Broadway and concert stages for decades. His smooth take on classic American pop has earned him critical accolades and worldwide fame. The multiple Grammy-winning singer-songwriter has long had an intense touring schedule, and while the pandemic has forced him off the road, he’s been staying busy.

Porter has a podcast of his own-called “The Hang” and he recently released a new album of original music, “All Rise,” which was nominated for Best R&B Album at this year’s Grammys. In this episode, Porter talks about writing songs in the sky, English accents in gospel music, recording in some of the coolest studios in the world, and much more.

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