Resideo Launches Home App, Unifies Services

The new Resideo Home App is designed to provide homeowners with a simple and unified platform that connects and manages their home.


Resideo Technologies, Inc., has announced the launch of the Resideo Home app, which will make whole-home monitoring possible for the four critical networks of the home – water, air, energy and security.

At an event for industry professionals and partners at the historic Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theatre in Austin, the company showcased its vision for the future of the smart home and upcoming subscription services made possible by the new app. Through these services, homeowners will easily connect with professionals who can help ensure home networks are operating efficiently and can intervene to help prevent costly damages, like water leaks and major appliance failures. 

“At Resideo, we’re committed to helping homeowners make sense of their homes, and in the process, help professionals modernize and expand their businesses while giving a better experience to customers,” says Mike Nefkens, president and CEO of Resideo.

“We do not believe that the critical systems of the home should be a do-it-yourself adventure. Through the new Resideo Home app, we’re going to bring the world of proactive, professional monitoring to the entire home, helping better protect the people inside and mitigating problems before they arise.”

Resideo Home App Controls Multiple Subsystems

Designed to provide homeowners with a simple, unified platform that connects and manages the home, Resideo will enable the migration of the company’s 6.5 million connected customers, currently spread out among its existing apps, into the Resideo Home app throughout 2020.

Starting in December 2019, users of Resideo’s recently launched Buoy Whole Home Water Controller and Buoy Water Leak Detectors can begin using the new app and access its free features, or upgrade to premium services like advanced automatic water shutoff and leak alerts. In the coming months, Resideo will integrate air products, such as the T Series line of smart thermostats, into the app. By the end of 2020, the app will support Resideo whole-home security systems as well.

The company also points out that a professional version of the app—Resideo Pro—will provide professionals with installation tools, help them better service customers through account management and service calls, and provide access to new business opportunities.

As part of its support of system integrators, Resideo’s new digital experience is a solution that is designed to help its network of 110,000 trade professionals – and their 1 million technicians strengthen relationships with homeowners. The Resideo Pro Portal offers a single destination for product information, product support, access to services and tools to promote and drive leads. A new training and loyalty program called Resideo Pro PERKS launches in January 2020.

Resideo explains that through the Pro PERKS program, pros and distributors will be able to access a tiered system of benefits, including strategic partnerships with other pros in Resideo’s network to take advantage of new business opportunities across the homes’ critical networks.

The support mechanisms also include new marketing tools to sell smart home solutions, and new video courses to become experts on the latest technologies.

New Features Available Through Resideo Home App

Resideo also unveiled its new portfolio of connected, whole-home monitoring solutions that will be accessible through the app.

Approximately 25% of homes in the United States have professionally monitored security. In a first for the industry, the new subscription services from Resideo extend professional monitoring to the other critical networks of the home. Resideo’s new subscription services will help pros and homeowners use the data already being produced by the critical systems of the home in ways that make the home work better and more efficiently.

Some of the system options that Resideo will offer through its app, which is available to iOS and Android users include:

  • Energy Services will launch on existing T Series Smart Thermostats in the Resideo app in 2020. The software service understands how the home’s HVAC system reacts and recovers to changing weather conditions. With that data, the smart thermostat knows how to adjust the schedule while using the least amount of energy possible.
  • Indoor Air Quality Services will provide real-time monitoring of factors affecting indoor air quality (IAQ) and provide tips that help the homeowner take action. Resideo today announced its new Indoor Air Quality Monitor, which will pair with the app to let homeowners and their home pros see real-time carbon dioxide levels, particles, chemicals and humidity to understand the air inside and do something about it.
  • Smart Water Management is now available on the Resideo app and integrates with the Buoy Whole Home Water Controller and the Buoy Water Leak Detector. Through the new $9.99 subscription service, homeowners can start to make informed choices about their water use. Using data from the water controller, the Resideo Home app categorizes water usage, measures flow rate, applies advanced machine-learning algorithms and analyzes insights in real-time to help homeowners better conserve water while protecting their home. 
  • Critical Appliance Monitoring Services will help homeowners stay ahead of equipment maintenance issues and breakdowns. Before aging or failing appliances quit altogether, they tend to draw more energy as their efficiency decreases. Pros and homeowners using the Resideo app and upcoming monitoring equipment will have access to data that can help diagnose a problem before it gets more serious and prevent premature failure in costly appliances like water heaters and furnaces.
  • Security Services integration in the app will allow homeowners to control Resideo’s ProSeries Home Security and Smart Home Platform coming to market in 2020. This revolutionary platform delivers entry-level security protection with the ability to scale to a fully integrated smart home security solution. It features new self-contained wireless and hybrid panels, an expanded line of advanced encrypted sensors and life safety devices, technology expansion modules interchangeable across the entire platform to help reduce inventory and training costs, and end-user replaceable parts creating operational cost efficiencies for dealers with increased account longevity. Coupled with the new app, this platform brings security, life safety and connected technology to homes, with a host of features and benefits in one scalable, flexible, end-to-end platform.

Resideo adds that it also unveiled concepts for its next-generation smart thermostat that it will develop in partnership with professional contractors.

According to the company, this newly developed device will be much more than just a simple thermostat. Resideo emphasizes the device will fully integrate with the Resideo Home app to provide information into the four critical networks, and access to subscription services through on-the-wall control with a modern user interface.  

In addition, the company plans to launch alpha and beta test programs with professionals in 2020.

“We have an enormous advantage to deliver whole-home monitoring because of our presence in 150 million homes and decades of experience,” adds Nefkens.

“Our professional network of suppliers, dealers, contractors and installers ensures the job is done right, that dedicated support is always within reach, and will lay the groundwork to bring the next era of the connected home to life.”