NuBryte Touchpoint Is All-in-One Smart Home and Security Touchscreen

This one device boasts the ability to combine several smart home and security capabilities in one, including an intercom system and smart lighting.


NuBryte Touchpoint is a smart home console that includes automated lighting, home security and an intercom/messaging system. NuBryte, which is a division of LUCIS Technologies, says the product was met with positive reviews and customer feedback when it launched at CES. 

The system replaces a traditional light switch and is compatible with standard dimmable LED, CFL and incandescent lightbulbs. Users can adjust the lighting manually, set the system to remember lighting patters during specific times of the day, or enable motion sensing mode to have lights turn off automatically.

NuBryte speaks to motion detectors and security video to give users live alerts on their smartphones. One especially useful feature is Vacation Lighting, which mimics your faily lighting behaviors in order to make it look like someone is home. The system also includes energy management and reporting, a calendar, weather updates and an intercom. All functions flow through a free app that works in conjunction with the touchscreen. 

“Having to learn and manage separate smart home gadgets that each solve different issues can make even the most tech-savvy users feel overwhelmed,” says the company's announcement. “Not to mention the costs associated with purchasing them and paying ongoing service fees. With the NuBryte Touchpoint, users of all ages and technical abilities can access all the features they need on one affordable touchscreen console.”

The NuBryte Touchpoint is available for purchase starting at $199 for a single switch-gang unit with no monthly monitoring or maintenance fee. It is now shipping to customers who order online.