ISC 2018 Preview: New Trends, Technologies, Business Models in Security and IoT

This one-hour Webinar looks at new trends in security and home automation, including emerging technologies, competitive landscape, DIY developments, and new business models. PLUS: preview of new products and themes for ISC 2018.


There has never been a more … interesting … time in the security and home-automation channels. Professional installers and integrators have more choices than ever before, but they also face stiffer competition from mass-market service providers and consumer-centric manufacturers.

On the pro-install side, ADT, Vivint and Comcast/Xfinity continue to gain steam. In DIY-land, Google/Nest, Amazon/Ring, Samsung/ADT and other consumer-electronics giants are grabbing new security customers and setting industry standards in terms of pricing and service.

For the pros, it can be pretty nerve-wracking, but hopefully a little exciting. After all, the new attention lavished on security and smart-home technology means more visibility for professional service providers, and possibly more demand from an increasingly confused customer base.

In this one-hour Webinar, we explore new trends in security and IoT from the technology, product and business angles. We also provide a glimpse of the new products, strategies and themes we can expect to see at ISC 2018.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Technology trends in security and home automation (cloud vs. fog processing, AI, audio/video analytics, CSO of the home, headless systems, unattended deliveries, community surveillance and more)
  • Competitive landscape – DIY and mass-market installation
  • Case studies: fresh approaches to the security and home-automation business
  • Serving the new self-help generation
  • Key themes and new technologies expected at ISC 2018

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