H-P HS5000 Valve Updates Hide-A-Hose Convenience Features

Some of the improvements made to H-P Products Hide-A-Hose with the HS5000 valve include a quick turn-on/off and more robust rubber gasket door seals that ensure dirt and debris are kept in the central vac system.


A few years ago H-P Products created a stir in the central vac category when it introduced its Hide-A-Hose solution that neatly tucks away central vac hardware until it is needed by homeowners.

Updating the Hide-A-Hose, the Louisville, Ohio-based company has announced a new model that offers the same ability to store up to 50 feet of central vac hose and automatic retraction capabilities: the new HS5000 valve. According to the Midwestern company, its latest solution provides several user convenience features that benefit dealers and homeowners, including a footprint that is much smaller than the first generation model.

“The original Hide-A-Hose system has been one of the most popular central vacuum add-ons since its debut several years ago because of its performance and ability to keep the hose out of sight,” notes Sarah Busch, marketing manager, HP Products. “All of these new user friendly updates have just made the system more efficient and powerful in a smaller, [more] unobtrusive package.”

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Addressing homeowner concerns regarding the size of the valve doors, the new valve door on the HS5000 is 38 percent smaller. It functions similarly to the older, larger door to allow easy access to central vacuum hoses. Another new feature is the product's hose locking mechanism that enables users to simply flip a switch once they pull on the hose. The mechanism keeps the hose from retracting back into its storage cavity before users are done cleaning. Other features include an on/off switch located in a position that is easier to access for users, and upgraded rubber door gaskets that ensure that dirt and debris stay in the system once they are vacuumed up.

New dealer conveniences include a new rough-in kit that features products that are nearly 40 percent smaller than the previous versions, and adjustment options that allow for installation into walls up to 1.5-inches thick to support the products' installation in homes that older versions could not support.

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