H-P Products Offers Updated Retractable Hose System for Central Vacuums

Hide-A-Hose stores up to 50’ of central vacuum hose in the in-wall tubing and automatically retracts back after the user is done cleaning.

Press Release

H-P Products offers the newest model of the popular Hide-A-Hose retractable hose management system that provides whole-house cleaning convenience when paired with their central vacuum power units.

Hide-A-Hose stores up to 50’ of central vacuum hose in the in-wall tubing and automatically retracts back after the user is done cleaning. The HS5000 valve, manufactured in the USA, has several user-friendly features that allow for easier installation and operation.

The valve door on the HS5000 is 38 percent smaller than the previous model. Measuring just 4.4” by 6.3”, the valves are unobtrusive, but still allow for easy access to the central vacuum hose. After the user pulls out the hose to their desired length, they simply flip the switch on the improved hose-locking system to keep the hose from being pulled back into the tubing before they are done cleaning.

To keep convenience and ease-of-use a priority, the HS5000 also features a mini cuff so that the hose can connect directly to popular cleaning tools like dusting brushes and upholstery tools without the use of a handle.

For dealers, the HS5000 makes the installation process easier than ever by solving the thick wall issues that many installers face. The curve in tubing on the HS5000 allows adjustments for walls up to 1.5 inches thickwhich allows for systems to be put in homes they could never be in before.

In addition, H-P Products is also offering the CX1000, a battery-powered cordless powerhead for use with the Hide-A-Hose system. Dealers now can offer customers an alternative to turbine powerheads with the CX1000. Powered by a 44-volt lithium ion battery, the CX1000 runs for more than an hour without charging and is rated for 500+ charges. Recharging takes just two hours.

“The original Hide-A-Hose system has been one of the most popular central vacuum add-ons since its debut several years ago because of its performance and ability to keep the hose out of sight,” said Greg Calderone, vice president for H-P Products. All of these user-friendly updates have made the system more efficient and powerful, in a smaller, unobtrusive package.

For more information on H-P Products or Hide-A-Hose please visit www.h-pcleanfast.com.