Custom Control for Every Wall

RTI provides simplicity and convenience with expansive lineup of in-wall touchpanel and keypad control options.

Today’s customers want to manipulate every aspect of their environment with a simple touch, but are often left with a confusing array of controls or apps for the different systems in their home or business. In response, RTI continues to expand its line of customizable, scalable automation products designed to simplify access to all of the entertainment, lighting, climate, and security systems in residential and commercial settings.

Solutions for Every Wall

RTI’s series of wired touchpanels and keypads provide integrators with a full lineup of solutions to address the unique needs of every project. For instance, the KX10 — the newest member of the RTI KX Series — features a large, fully customizable 10.1-inch 1280×800 WXGA resolution touchscreen LCD with ample screen real estate to create the ultimate user interface. At the other end of the line are the cost-efficient all-button RK-1+ and RKM-1+ multi-zone audio keypads, which can be customized using the RTI Laser Shark engraving service for the ultimate in personalization. For situations where moisture might be an issue, such as bathrooms or pool areas, the WK2 in-wall keypad has an all-glass exterior for convenient control with wet fingers. For commercial settings, RTI offers the versatile CX7 countertop touchpanel with a display that can be tilted, or the unit can be inverted and mounted under a cabinet.

Value-Added Convenience

RTI’s large portfolio of control solutions are built to be always on, always available, and to provide one-touch simplicity. One of the biggest advantages of RTI’s wired interfaces is the ease of access that the user is given for control and status information, such as security status or the weather. There’s no fumbling for the phone or app hunting required. To enhance the level of interaction even further, RTI has added proximity sensors to many of its KX models that automatically wake up the device as the user approaches. Top-of-the-line models also offer conveniences such as intercom and video support, including the new KX10, which features an HDBaseT input for displaying HD video and a composite input for viewing sources such as security cameras.

Wired Advantages

Features such as the ability to deliver video to an in-wall interface is a great bonus for the user, but from an integrator’s standpoint, the power and flexibility offered by hard-wired controls solve many installation headaches. For instance, the RTI KX in-wall series has multiple power options, hard-wired Ethernet, and the ability to control devices directly via IR and even RS-232 on some models.

Taking full advantage of being hard-wired, the RTI KX3 3.5-inch touchpanel keypad combines the capabilities of both an in-wall touchscreen interface and a control processor into one cost-effective unit. Perfect for commercial applications, it boasts a vivid 3.5-inch color touchscreen, five customizable hard buttons, intercom support, and room status LEDs to indicate a room’s availability for a meeting. Meanwhile, a future firmware update will expose the power “under the hood” of the amazing KX3 and allow integrators to utilize a built-in advanced processor for direct control of devices via IR, RS-232, IP, and relays. It will also offer an astronomical clock for time-based events, and a built-in 2.4 GHz ZigBee® antenna for connectivity with RTI wireless remotes.

RTI in-wall touchpanels combined with the RTI ecosystem give integrators amazing power and flexibility while providing customers with an elegant, intuitive control interface that makes the entire residential or commercial environment come alive with one touch. From sound and light to HVAC and security, end-users can instantly access all their systems and have their functions be effortlessly choreographed.

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